Will I Be A Great Mom Like My Mom?

Will I Be A Great Mom Like My Mom?

We celebrated my moms 75th birthday this week at our favorite family gathering place in Arizona. In front of me sat my mom with graying hair and wrinkle lines around her eyes, but in my eyes she remains one of the most amazing women I have ever known.  

Kelly and MomShe worked putting my dad through college and raised her first 2 kids, she stayed at home with me, she always had dinner on the table for for our family to eat together, she drove us for a span of 25 years to swim practice, track, baseball, tennis, cheerleading, dance, basketball, was treasurer of the athletic program, made our team meals, took college classes in her 50’s, volunteered full time when I was in high school, never missed a game, a competition and my dad traveled 6 out of 7 days growing up. She is a bright light, a beacon, a star that I will always look up to.

photo 2This weekend, I spent some time reflecting on the keys to her success living such a vibrant, fun, healthy life.  On my journey, I had time to connect with our Ihelpmoms provider who is a health and wellness guru focused on helping moms.  This amazing ihelpmoms.com contact helped me identify the keys to my own mothers success:

HeWeLoHa stands for Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness– Who doesn’t love all of these things!? The power mom who co-founded HeWeLoHa educates people on how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices, decrease stress, lose weight, overcome food addictions and improve energy through our personalized programs, workshops, private consults, and group coaching. photo 3They also offer Pilates Mat, Stretch and Meditation classes. HeWeLoHa’s philosophy is a whole body approach where they assess and assist clients by looking at diet, exercise, attitude, spirituality and lifestyle.

I realized after connecting with HeWeLoHa that their programs are the very keys that my own mother has utilized to stay health for 75 years.


Here are my mom’s keys: She has never taken unnecessary medicine and maintains a clean internal environment, she eats healthy and clean, she walks 3 miles daily  and she stays happy as a sports fanatic who goes to every OSU football and baseball game!

If you are like me and you want to live a happy, healthy lifestyle to enjoy your kids and future grand kids the key is to take care of yourself NOW.  Make sure to connect with HeWeLo co-founder and fellow mom Natalie.  She is passionate about helping moms like us to find health, wealth, love and happiness.
Contact Co-Founder of HeWeLoHa, Natalie and let her know you are an ihelpmoms VIP!
Email: lesager4@gmail.com
Visit: http://www.heweloha.com