Why Mean Moms Suck

Mean MomsI have yet to meet the perfect mom.
I know some amazing, talented moms, but no perfect moms. Least of all me! I laugh at myself daily.
So why if none of us are perfect do moms judge one another?

It is only Tuesday and already I have had THREE mom friends say that they feel judged by their friends.

As I pondered why moms judge one another I could only come to one conclusion.
The very moms that are judging are insecure in their own decisions.

Think of a time when you have judged someone else. When you judged them were you avoiding your own insecurities or projecting changes you may want to make in your own life? I know I have done it!

For example: I judged my friends that co-slept. Now that I have more perspective on it, I know I was not completely educated on the subject and I was jealous of how much sleep they were getting while my baby woke up every hour and a half leaving me EXHAUSTED. It was easier for me to judge them, than to look at my own situation to admit another method of sleep might work better for us because I DIDN’T WANT TO FAIL. That’s the truth!

Now, Think of the decisions you have made in motherhood that you feel confident in. When I get judged I let it roll off my back when I feel secure, educated and innately right about my decision for my family.  

For example: I feel confident that my family gets adjusted at the chiropractor regularly. We get judged, but again I don’t care because my daughter has been sick ONE day in two years. I have yet to see a healthier child and her immune system is incredibly strong.

If a mom is judging us, it has nothing to do with us and it has to do with THEM questioning their own decisions.  As moms we are truly doing the very best we can often on very little sleep, with laundry and dishes piled around us! Our incredible ability to multitask should alone be a tie that binds us all together.

One thing I know for sure is that every baby is different. Every home environment is different. All of us were raised differently; hence we come with preconceived notions of right and wrong parenting styles. So there really is no “common ground” to judge upon.

So to sum up why we should judge less and decide to have more fun with our fellow moms:

  1. It takes the same amount of energy to judge as it does to just be nice.
  2. If you feel like you are getting judged you might want to ask yourself if you are around the right group of moms. We are the company we keep….
  3. Realize your family dynamic is different than other families, so who are we to judge?
  4. Are you perfect? I am not, so I recommend we keep learning and growing together in this wild journey of motherhood.


Let’s celebrate one another. Our kids are watching and who wants to raise mean, judgmental kids?!th-2

Are you mom strong enough to go a week without judging a fellow mom?