Why Is Your Child Going To The Chiropractor? Are they okay?

The thought of a small child getting a chiropractic adjustment often
stirs up images of panic and fear in the minds of a young parent.
Most people conjure up images of a wrestling type move applied to an innocent child, and that something serious must warrant that kind of intervention. The REALITY about pediatric chiropractic care actually entails gentle adjustments and healthy kids.

Dr. Jonathan Chung  Family Focused Chiropactor, Founder of Keystone Chiropractor
Dr. Jonathan Chung
Family Focused Chiropactor

The truth is that kids can experience damage to their young spines from a
very early age. The thousands of falls they take when learning to
walk, tumbles they endure and even the birth process itself can set
off a chain of events that create chronic spinal shifts, especially in
their head and neck. This can cause
problems like colic, breastfeeding latch issues, ear aches, asthma, ADHD and interference to the spinal nerves causing a compromised immune system.

Chiropractors that take care of kids use techniques that are
some of the safest and most gentle forms of care a
child can ever experience. In fact, kids actually are very
calm and excited to get their adjustment, compared
to the wailing and screaming usually seen at a pediatrician or a
dentist’s office. Why are they so calm? Because an adjustment in the
hands of the right doctor is painless, and actually causes a very fast
positive change in the child’s health.

Anjali Adjusted
When the spine is left to degrade and degenerate over the course of decades, then these problems are slow to heal and take a lot of intensive care. When spinal shifts are caught early, it’s really amazing to see how fast kids heal, with less adjustments, and a lot more smiles as their health becomes restored.

Dr. Jon Chung
Structural Chiropractor
Keystone Chiropractic