Why Is My Child Behaving This Way?

12108066_10153641446229244_8850814292820828792_nHave you ever found yourself saying “I don’t understand why he would behave that
way” about your child?  I think at different points in parenthood we all have moments
like this one.

Ok…who can remember being a kid? I can. I mostly did what I wanted, not really
thinking about possible outcomes or the impact it would have on others.
I was for the most part a good kid, a nice kid, but I was still a kid.  Kids are driven by
emotions not logic.  Now of course there are moments of brightness where
logic leads the way…but that’s not the majority of the time.

Something that I have to keep reminding myself about is that kids are constantly discovering.
They are discovering themselves (which is constantly changing/growing).  They are discovering relationships (which we can attest as adult are usually complicated).  They are discovering  education.  They are discovering  their opinions,  likes, dislikes.  There is so much to discover and process.  So why are they behaving that way?

th-32Because they haven’t figured it all out yet.  If they had it all figured out…they wouldn’t need us to guide them.  And I am proud to say that I actively improve on myself, my thoughts, my
actions, my speech, eating habits, my relationships each day, week etc.
Even as an adult,  I still need my Dad to use as a sounding board!
Rather than trying to fight logic with a child, explain the boundary then
lovingly and firmly hold your ground.   

I’m not saying there won’t be difficult conversations or frustration involved…just don’t beat your head against a wall.  *Eventually they will start to hear your voice in their mind when its time to
make choices.*

Jillian Alvas
USK Karate Academy Owner
Coral Springs Parenting Excellence Founder