Why Is My Baby Always Hungry?

Why Is My Baby Always Hungry?

Why is my baby always hungry

Do you have a friend that you can count to be there for you as you journey through motherhood?

I am truly blessed to have an amazing friend, Deanna, who was my guiding light during the first few months. Whether it was in the beginning when I was healing from my delivery or when I wanted to give up breastfeeding due to recurring painful clogged ducts, she was there for me. She never made me feel bad about my struggles, she was simply the encouragement I needed. I contacted her almost daily via text, call or Facebook message and she was always there for me. As time marched on I thankfully gained confidence as a mother through her mentorship.

Suddenly around the 5 month mark, Anjali began breastfeeding every hour and a half. I would feed her at 6 am then 8:30 am then 10:00 and on and on from there all throughout the day. I was baffled at why she was constantly hungry. I felt like I was on a merry go round, with breastfeeding being the feature ride. I was taking calcium, eating oatmeal, protein shakes like they were going out of style. It was amazing how Anjali’s constant nursing spurred my milk production.

The constant feeding was actually the genius of our female design! After a week of constant feeding she went through the growth spurt and I proudly watched her sit up for the first time on her own and roll over. Such exciting milestones all thanks to her knowing she needed to fuel up her fat for brain development and my body producing the milk she needed. As I watched her sit up grabbing securely onto her rattles, I felt a supreme sense of connection and pride in her growth. I realized she was not the only one going through a growth spurt, I was too. With my friend Deanna’s support, I no longer worried that something was ‘wrong’ if her breastfeeding increased, but to instead to trust that Anjali and I are connecting and innately my body was providing the necessary nutrients!

Finding like minded moms to encourage and learn with has been a huge source of happiness throughout motherhood for me. If you are looking to connect with moms near you, make sure to check out our Moms Group page! You are not alone in your journey and finding a moms group can truly help us manage post partum depression, enrich your child’s learning by interacting with other babies and we all can benefit from adult chat time with local moms!

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