Why Is It So Hard To Balance Everything In Motherhood

Why Is It So Hard To Balance Everything In Motherhood

imgresI was watching Just Jillian the other day and I thought to myself FINALLY a mom who shows the world what motherhood is REALLY like! As a fellow entrepreneur I watched in awe as Jillian’s dreams professionally came true with magazine covers, clothing lines, and so much success! Then I saw her sit across from her wonderful partner and have the conversation many moms shy away from.

Moms often live with our spouses and partners and together we are all working so hard to achieve and accomplish.  Yet as the money and success comes, our relationships often fall apart.  It is a sad cycle that we are many times blind to see coming.

Jasmine SmallWhat can moms do to find more balance, more peace and more HAPPINESS?

1.  Remember it’s YOUR BABY. YOUR BODY. YOUR FAMILY. YOUR CHOICE.  No need to compare and compete with what others have.

2.  Be GRATEFUL for what you DO have and SAY IT OUT LOUD.  There will always be someone prettier, someone richer, someone smarter.  The more moms can feel confident and happy with themselves the more peace will come.

3.  Keep your PRIORITIES straight.  For me it’s God, Family, Work, Friends. If I start to over extend myself or go away from what’s important I feel completely overwhelmed.  Super woman doesn’t exist, so no need to try to do it all.  Focus on what is important.

Final Happy Mom Book Cover Large4.  After suffering from post partum depression I researched a WIDE variety of mommy experts to find out how to FIND TRUE HAPPINESS!  All of these amazing family professional have dedicated their lives to helping moms and kids: Get this book for FREE! 

5.  Take a little time every day for YOU.  It’s hard to switch from mommy mode  to spouse mode to work mode.  My hubby knows I get 10 minutes after the kids go to sleep to catch up on Just Jillian and then I can switch my focus to quality time with him.   Then I work often at 6am or 10 pm.  Don’t feel like you are alone if you are juggling alot in motherhood.  We are right there with you:) and let me reassure you the perfect mom does not exist! Check out our ihelpmoms.com FREE network of Mommy Fitness Trainers, Dentists, Pediatricians, Preschools, Family Therapists, Kids Activities and more to get help so you can BE HAPPY!

The BIG lesson I took away from seeing Jillian’s mompreneur life in action was her telling the truth: Relationships take work.  It ain’t easy.  But it’s worth it.

On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,