Why I Have Chosen Not To Let My Daughter Cry It Out

SLEEP- It is something I definitely took for granted in my twenties.

Is Breastfeeding EasyNow that I am a mom, I look at sleep as a gift. A reward. And honestly a nemesis at times. Kudos to you moms that have great sleepers. I have not been blessed with a great sleeper, BUT thankfully I have learned A LOT through this journey called motherhood about sleep (or how to survive the lack there of). I chuckle at the moms whose kids are older as they have FORGOTTEN what the first two years of a child’s life feels like! Well I am IN the moment and I am here to comfort you mom to mom so you know you are not alone.

Now that my daughter is 20 months old, I feel like I have finally found the key to surviving sleep deprivation.

This last week is a perfect example of the sleep roller coaster in our house:  I hired a babysitter that fed my daughter kale chips and she had an allergic reaction to the cashew nuts used as a binding agent. This led to hives all over my daughter’s body, her itching for hours until she at last fell exhaustedly asleep at 11:30 at night.

Two days later, we were on vacation so my daughter was sleeping in a strange pack n play tossing and turning into the unfamiliar nets on the side. The key to vacation sleep was to keep her very active during the day, so sleeping at night was a natural progression for her!

We flew home, and that night as I am brushing her teeth, I see the dreaded bright red inflamed gums and I know her top cuspid tooth is going to cut through. This resulted in three nights of her waking up every three hours wailing in pain as I run to get Hylands Teething tabs in my sleepy slumber.

Then tonight after being exhausted from teething she went to sleep at 8:30 pm, which is two hours earlier than normal. No complaints from this mom!

Now that she is feeling better she is back to normal and sleep is easy again. So take heart moms who are choosing not to do cry it out. It never felt right to leave my daughter crying in a crib, as I myself have a hard time going to sleep sometimes!

Just remember those things we resist will persist and it is better to just relax when our children need a little extra TLC. Because really, who are we to force them to sleep when their little gums are aching from teething or if they haven’t worn off their energy and need a few extra books and cuddles? When I am sleep deprived I see my daughters bed time as a struggle, but now that I am getting sleep again, I see the big picture – that if she is crying there is a reason such as teething, growth spurts and allergic reactions!  Other than those occasional instances, she is sleeping 9:00 pm to 9:00 am so life is good!

(For new moms or moms with infants…I did not start getting solid sleep until my daughter turned 14 months and self weaned from breastfeeding! Just so you don’t think this post applies to younger babies:)

I recommend this article too that includes some great research!  I learned a lot from this well written article!


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