Why I Decided To Start Having Fun Again And Stopped Being A Nagging Wife


I used to think it was my husband’s fault that he was getting home late.
I found myself becoming more agitated by the week and frustrated at his untimely arrival interrupting ‘my mom schedule’. I felt like the pressure of getting dinner on, feeding our daughter, making sure the toys were picked up and then getting on with her bedtime routine was sucking the joy in life out of me. Please tell me I am not the only mom that has felt this way!

Then we went to this amazing conference with a renowned chiropractor and he said something so simple, yet it changed my life forever. Dr. Jon Baker said,
“Make your house so much fun to that your spouse can’t wait to get home.“IMG_2057

At first I denied that I wasn’t doing that already. Then I sat back in my chair and realized I wasn’t having fun at night and neither was my family. I had nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking this advice. I realized in order to break the crazy cycle of my nagging causing my husband to retreat into television zone out land, that I had take action to break the cycle.

I started taking one step at a time to change my attitude.
1. I started planning on Sundays what I wanted to cook and making things I knew my husband would enjoy. He likes eating healthy, I like making things that taste amazing and fresh. So I started my ihelpmoms Pinterest boards with simple, healthy dinners. I now take a lot of pride in seeing him enjoy the food I make!

2. I make sure that I let him know I am making him a special dinner that he is going to love and then I ask him what time I should have it ready by. Because he felt cared for knowing I was cooking with him in mind, the time started to move from 7:30 to 7:00 to 6:30!  I stopped nagging him to get home earlier and instead gave him a reason to want to get home ASAP!

3. Instead of feeling pushed to fit our daughters bath time and bed time in, I now let the evening flow without the clock. I cook. and then we eat together and sometimes if the dishes stay dirty an hour longer that is ok, because now we all play and read and spend time together then head off to bath time.

4. Instead of focusing on why he wasn’t helping me, the way I thought he should, I recognized that my husband worked all day taking care of people and that he needed some down time.  So now I embrace bath time with my daughter, while he unwinds for a bit. I added lots of bath toys, I moved some books in there and we play princess songs. I find it relaxing now instead of a chore.

These simple tweaks to my perspective have led to a happier, healthier more joy filled home for us. In return for my courage to break the crazy cycle, I have found my husband coming home earlier than ever, he comes home happy, I am more relaxed and we have more FUN! Yes, there are nights when I am working on my own business until after midnight, but it’s worth it to spend amazing evenings with my family.

Ready? Set? Go!

I would love to hear your key to success in creating a happy, relaxing night time routine for your family!