Why I Am A Fan Of Bad Moms

Why I Am A Fan Of Bad Moms

I love the movie the Hangover, so when I heard they were coming out with a female version for moms I could not wait to see it!

shutterstock_459612328I went into the movie expecting to laugh all night and it actually brought out such a wide variety of feelings. I wanted to rip Mila’s husbands head off for being such a cheating loser, I detested the PTA mom and I LOVED all of the main characters played by Mila, Kristen and Kathryn.

The movie really made me realize how important it is to stand up for our desires as we journey through motherhood.  We are the only ones in charge of our lives and it is up to us to create the journey of motherhood we want.

PRIORITIZE: I love how the main moms took a step back to examine what mattered most to them.  I think this is so important to do as moms and to realize that these priorities can change.  As a first time mom I prioritized playdates and I had a lot more time.  As a second time mom, I now have school drop offs, and pick ups, running ihelpmoms.com business and our life has become much busier, so I don’t have the same time to prioritize playdates right now. As my kids grow and my time gets squeezed, I find my top focus is my family’s needs and surrounding ourselves with positive people in our life.

HAVE MORE FUN: I loved seeing these moms making time for one another, accepting and celebrating their differences and most of all having fun with their kids!  It’s so true as moms we can get so wrapped up with scheduled activities that our kids actually will remember the moments we stray from the norm like the movie showed going to a spa, giving them the ‘Arby’s’ lunch! Truly we only get to do this motherhood things once in our lives, so why not have more fun?  

GET YOUR SEXY ON:  This is something most moms won’t talk about but here at ihelpmoms.com we talk about the truth.  When Mila was sitting in therapy and her husband complained about their lack of intimacy and she complained if he wanted more he should help around the house more! I thought how true and how miscommunicated this is. Guys need sex and intimacy.  It’s important.  It matters. Women often get turned on outside the bedroom.  COMMUNICATE about what turns you on and be accepting to what your man has to say in return about what turns him on! Intimacy doesn’t always have to be a night time activity as most moms are exhausted by then! Date your man! Check out this great article on The 5 Sex Secrets Wives Don’t Know How To Tell Their Husbands!

KEEP IT SIMPLE: Life is too short for unneeded drama and complications.  Think about the things that make you happy. Think about the people that simply accept and support you for who you are.  Think about the simple things your kids enjoy and do more of that! I have found that getting ‘me’ time is extremely difficult, so I decided to work on ways to have more FUN with the people I love the most.

Being a mom is truly the hardest and best thing in the world, so figuring out a way to ENJOY motherhood is vital – ihelpmoms.com loved how Bad Moms reminded us how to do just that! 

Cheers to Bad Moms that are doing our best!