Why Do We Always Put Ourselves Last As Moms?

Why Do We Always Put Ourselves Last As Moms?

Jessica-Alba-Kids8689I think moms have more pressure than ever being put on them.  Sometimes this pressure is self inflicted, sometimes it is part of the worldly expectations imposed upon us.

I think it is completely overwhelming at times and at around 7pm, I often find myself wondering how do other moms do it all? Last night I asked my husband how really super successful people balance being great parents and great contributors to the world such as Jessica Alba or Tony Robbins? I thought to myself these people have therapists and coaches to support, inspire, motivate and listen to them. Why then does therapy have such a bad connotation among moms? If the athletes get coaching, businesses get consultants and successful people have therapists as a vital part of their support team, why shouldn’t more moms seek emotional and mental support? WE DO THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD- nourish and raise another human being!

th-37I think only moms know the feeling of being at home with a baby who literally depends on you for everything and you feel completely isolated except for the TV and Social Media.  Or the feeling of leaning over a toddler all day as they pull up, try to walk and babble at you while you desperately try to figure out what they want before a tantrum erupts.  Only a mom knows the feeling of overwhelming exhaustion when you don’t feel like you can physically or mentally go anymore but you have kids that need help with getting teeth brushed, taking a bath and getting books read before bed.  Or the moms that get home from work and feel the tug of just wanting to spend time with their kids but have laundry, homework and cooking piled up.  Oh and then did I mention that after all of this part of the day is over, we have our adult relationships to foster and nurture on the tiny little spark of energy we have remaining?

These are the moments most moms never reveal, but these are real situations happening everyday.  Yes, yes, motherhood is wonderful.  I get it.  But I wonder what the long term effect of this chronic state of stress and ‘busi’-ness is.  Moms are literally doing the most important, most valuable job in guiding the future generation, yet we have very little support, encouragement and positive reinforcement except for maybe those quick texts from girlfriends.

Did you know there are therapists that specialize in helping moms to find their happy?  To help us communicate effectively for a more peaceful journey through motherhood? These professionals can help lift you out of the feeling of despair or struggle?

If it were up to me, I would do away with the word therapist and call them “THE MOM COACH”.   These are highly trained experts so I say this not to demean their amazing accomplishments, but to make coaching for moms user friendly!

th-7I encourage you to think about this coach that awaits you.  A coach that will support you no matter what.  Will listen to you.  That wants the best for you.  And a coach that is specifically educated and trained to guide moms to enjoy your journey through motherhood.

I always love talking with Gail Wilson
THE PARENT COUNSELOR- Gail@mgscounseling.com.  Check out her article on super moms here! http://www.mgscounseling.com

I also love connecting with Sofia Robirosa who has an incredible blog out right now on what to do if your spouse has been unfaithful.  READ IT HERE

Yesterday I had the honor to learn from Dr. Lauren Goldstein as well!  She is a wonderful resource that include:
– Individual and Family Psychotherapy
​- Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
– Psych, Gifted, LD, & ADHD Testing
– Nutritional Psychology
– Happiest Baby Classes

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