Why Can’t People Just Be Nice To Pregnant Women?

I feel so bad about my pregnant self and I am absolutely fed up with people’s insensitive comments!  I normally am a very confident person, but pregnancy combined with hormones is a game changer.  Anjali and Mom

The comments I get on a daily basis:
*You are HUGE!
*You look like you swallowed a basketball.
*Your baby is going to be huge!
*You must be ready to pop.
*It seems like you have been pregnant FOREVER.
*You must be having a boy because your face is all broken out.
Yes, these have all been said to me in the last 2 weeks.  I have gained 19 pounds at 35 weeks pregnant and the comments continue to pile on me like a load of bricks.

As women we sacrifice our bodies for 9 months.  We grow during pregnancy, we work like a hamster on a wheel after to shrink, then we expand again with the next pregnancy.  We can’t have sushi or coffee or tiramisu…three of my favorite things I might mention….Don’t even get me started on how bad morning sickness sucks.

On top of our daily duties and responsibilities during pregnancy we have to think about balancing protein, calcium, prenatal pills, and staying hydrated.  We have to work out, even as our bodies begin to stretch and grow in uncomfortable directions.

DSC00449I am so tired of having people I don’t even know make me feel bad about my pregnancy.
Today I am affirming that my female body is amazing.  The ability to love, nurture and sustain another human being is monumental.  I know that I am eating right, I am exercising and I am doing my best to provide my baby-to-be a safe and secure space to grow and develop.  I am getting BIG because I am 8 months pregnant! I am focusing on the fact that I will get to hold a wonderful baby girl in one more month and THAT is what matters.  I have the rest of my life to get my body back.

If you are pregnant and feeling sensitive like me, please know that ihelpmoms.com applauds YOU!  We stand on a mountain top and shout YOU ARE SELFLESS AND BEAUTIFUL!
You are not alone.  I am right there with you in this march to giving birth to a beautiful human being.  We are all about positivity here and I want to make sure you know that being pregnant is powerful and that you are doing something AMAZING!