Why I Am Perfectly Okay Being Imperfect

Why I Am Perfectly Okay Being Imperfect

Do you ever look at the moms around you and wonder how in the world they have it all together? Well have I got a secret for you.


There! I said the thing that nobody ever talks about.

I started my morning at a play date with two of the coolest moms I know.  They are so beautiful, smart, fit and they love to cook. Then there is me, my hair in a ponytail, pregnant tummy still lumpy and not at all cute yet and I really suck at being domestic. However, I like being around these moms as I always learn something interesting and most of all they are just FUN!

As I sat there today I heard my friend C with her voluminous blue eyes and perfect hair talking about the turmoil of finding the rith-6ght preschool for her son because she didn’t know if she was ready to let him go. Then my extraordinary, gorgeous friend L started discussing how her son was so attached to her that she had to put him in school to get him socializing. For one mom it was about letting go and for another she wanted to be let go.  

Then I was on to my next play date with an insanely intelligent, beautiful and compassionate Doctor.  As I listened to her talk about being the only woman in her division at the hospital and pumping in between patients, I truly felt for her being pulled between her profession and her beautiful son at home.

Then there is me….I over scheduled myself today, I got dinner on the table late, the laundry still hadn’t gotten put away, I didn’t work out today and I felt like a hamster running on a never ending wheel.  But then I looked at my happy daughter toddling and talking all around me and I realized she had an amazing day filled with great friends and amazing memories.

If you are like me, struggling to balance it all, don’t be fooled by the fellow ‘perfect’ moms around you. Find moms that love you, quirks and all, that make you HAPPY. Being a mom is HARD WORK. And ihelpmoms.com is here to support you, to let you know you are not alone and to make you feel great about being YOU!