Who Mothers Mothers?

Who Mothers Mothers?

This last Tuesday I woke up fighting a sinus infection, 21 weeks pregnant, and ready to get my girls ready for school. I was making their breakfast and started sweating profusely. I then started packing their lunches and started seeing spots and blackness closing in around me.
I sat down for a minute trying to shake it off.  I had mom duties to get done!

I walked back into the kitchen determined to get them to school so I could collapse back into bed. The darkness continued to creep upon me, fainting threatening my body. I leaned on the counter, hearing my 3 year old dimly asking in the background.  Mommy, sister needs a bow.  MOMMY! MOMMY! ARE YOU OKAY?

I squeezed my eyes shut mustering up my bravest voice.  “Yup, mommy is good baby.”  I didn’t want to cause her fear. Cold sweat trickled down my back while hot flashes engulfed me.  I knew fainting 21 weeks pregnant was never going to be a good thing, let alone with 2 kiddos under 3 watching me. I needed to call someone just in case something happened that I did faint, so my kids weren’t stranded.

I called the only person related to us close by.  I called my husband’s office and waited to talk to him.  He told me to call a babysitter or 911.  Some help he was.  But I was too worried to be mad at that point. The babysitter was going to be an hour to get to the house and 911 would probably take our kids away to some unknown place if I fainted.  Oh God.  What was I going to do?? I was seriously scared now.  I swallowed my pride and called a friend in the neighborhood.  Moms aren’t supposed to admit weakness right? She kindly offered to take my youngest to school and my first instinct was the polite mom decline “No, no I can do it all.”  Then another wave of darkness threatened to overtake me and humbly accepted.

I could barely look my friend in the eyes, I was so ashamed I couldn’t hold it all together, but my gratitude to getting the baby safe to school thanks to her kindness and non judgment was immense.  I was able to get my other daughter across the street to preschool and I shakily fell into my bed.

Until you’ve faced an emergency situation where you realize you physically can’t take care of your own kids you don’t realize how important it is to have a game plan.
With no family near by to call, this scary situation made me realize I needed a game plan.

Devise an emergency plan or call to teach my older daughter. We needed a back up emergency contact, neighbor, friend with older kids that was nearby. We needed a back up secondary emergency contact nearby that is also accessible. I realized in those early morning hours there are great moms around that would help, but the truth is if you have young kids of your own it can be really hard to balance helping another family. With no family around this was a wake up call for me to be more prepared for the unexpected emergency.

Who do you turn to for help if you don’t have family around?

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