When Will I Feel Like Myself Again?

For the past seven months I thrived in the comfort of the stretchy fabrics and soft cotton materials. My long black hair has been in a perpetual bun and I wear a nursing tank top every day. I always thought I would be a stylish pregnant woman and that I would instantly snap back to my pre pregnancy weight, but it just didn’t happen for me.  If you have ever felt like this after having a baby, please know you are not alone and I am here to help!380667_313160122089816_100001874912659_768835_552381873_n

It was time to get my feminine mojo back on track.

I stood in my closet pulling on a real bra and I sucked in my breath trying to fit it around my newly expanded rib cage. In the bathroom, I looked in the mirror seeing a new me post baby.

The bags under my eyes showed the shadow of sleep I lacked. The gray hairs peaking through my voluminous black hair revealed the balance in life I wrestled with. Gone were the chiseled cheekbones of my youth, now round with lingering pregnancy weight.

Taking A Deeper Look

I stepped closer to the mirror and narrowed my eyes. Through all of the changes, I recognized a new power in myself though. I knew that my body was miraculous to grow human life within it. My amazing body endured 18hours of natural labor welcoming Anjali in to the world. It was a new me in the mirror, but a stronger, more empowered me.

My husband’s eyes almost fell out of his head when I walked out into the family room. He kissed me deeply and I felt like it was our first date again. My stomach filled with giddy butterflies.

Then our little girl started crying and my breasts instantly filled with milk. I pushed away from my husband, kicked off my high heels and unhooked my bra to nurse. I smiled over my shoulder at his disappointed look, and reminded him, “don’t worry, I’ll be back again!”

If you have felt any of what I felt, please know you are not alone!  ihelpmoms.com has so many great providers from fitness trainers like Mommycise to Hair Stylists to Mommy Groups to help you regain your balance after having a baby!   My greatest hope is that moms can connect to ihelpmoms.com to get the help you need when you need it most to feel great!

Ready?  Set?  Go!

How long did it take you to shed the post partum clothes and feel like yourself again?