How I Lost 33 Pounds After Giving Birth

Pre vs Post Baby weight

My sister is 45 years old, 5’9, 120 pounds with six-pack abs further sculpted by being a super busy, healthy mom. After her two pregnancies she bounced back immediately, in better shape than her pre-pregnancy self.

I assumed I would have the same experience, as I have been in relatively good shape my whole life. I love to run, play tennis, and do kickboxing. I worked out my entire pregnancy and applauded myself for a stretch mark free baby bump. And yup…that’s me cheering in college, a lean 105 pounds.

The Hard Truth

Fast forward to post delivery. Much to my surprise my stomach turned to blubber and I had stretch marks exploding from around my belly button. I tried everything to get my stomach back in shape from slathering massive amounts of vitamin E oil daily on my stretch marks, rubbing lotion all over my midsection and breastfeeding around the clock.  Why was it taking me so long to lose this baby weight?

My neighborhood walks were just not cutting it.  The weight continued to linger.  I called a fitness trainer and scheduled my first session to have her come to the house, which ignited my will to work out.  She couldn’t come till the next week though, so I pushed Insanity into my DVD, put my baby girl down in her bouncer and started to follow the video running in place. I started doing jumping jacks and felt urine involuntarily running down my leg. Gross! I pushed pause on the video and ran into the bathroom to change my shorts. I started to do jumping jacks again and then moved into high knee run. Pee trickled down my leg again. Oh My Gosh, I rolled my eyes realizing I was going to definitely add some pelvic floor exercise in!

I completed three rounds of running, jumping jacks, high knees and butt kicks, feeling an immense sense of accomplishment. That was until I heard Shaun T. on Insanity applauding everyone for finishing the warm up. Warm up? Crap. My arms felt like blubber and my legs were singing in pain.  I looked at my smiling baby girl and realized she was having fun watching me work out and I hadn’t felt this good in a long time.  I felt like my life with a newborn was so far out of control that it felt great to take the first steps to getting my weight back under control!

I finally came to terms with the fact that it took my nine months for Anjali to grow in my belly and it was going to take me some time to get back in shape.  Most importantly with Insanity videos, an amazing fitness trainer who came to my house once a week for a fitness session (and held Anjali while I worked out!) and a class I found called Mommycise that was a mommy and baby workout, I was able to get my body back in shape.  And it felt GOOD!

Ready? Set? Go!

I would love to hear your success strategy for losing weight after having a baby. I am always open to learning how to get fit and stay in shape with a little one, so leave your comments below!