What's The Best Way To Give Birth?

What’s The Best Way To Give Birth?

Best Way To Give Birth Post Delivery
Midwife Sharon Hamilton, Michelle moments after birth and Doula Dr. Vivian Keeler

For me personally, I knew that lying on my back, being forced to give birth according to hospital policies was just not for me. The female body is incredibly designed and I feel that birth is a normal, natural process (barring any serious health complications). Every check up I was in perfect health, working out daily and so I chose to have a home birth. I truly believe every woman has a right to experience giving birth the way they desire.

Educating Myself

In creating my ultimate birth experience, I created my ultimate ‘village’ or ‘team’ including my midwife with 30 years of natural birth delivery experience, guiding me through labor. I hired a renowned hypnobirth instructor and doula to make sure I was in a peaceful place mentally throughout labor. My husband is a gifted chiropractor and adjusted me to ensure I had optimal function throughout my entire spine and nervous system for delivery. I wanted to hold my baby on my chest in my own bed after the birth and not have to get in a car. I read every birth and pregnancy book I could get my hands on to learn how to have a beautiful natural birth. I attended all of my midwife’s birth classes taking pages of notes to ensure I was educated and ready to give birth. The best part is for all of my preparation, birth is truly a natural, normal process and my body already knew what to do.

The Time Came

On Sunday, November 4 at midnight I was sitting in our zero gravity chair forty weeks pregnant enjoying another episode of ‘Friends’. I felt a kick and some slight cramping but I had been feeling Braxton Hicks for the last week, so I didn’t think much of it. Another ten minutes passed and I felt another one. I did not want to wake my husband unless I absolutely had to since he had to work the next day. Ten minutes later another stronger cramp squeezed my uterus. Holy crap! I was in labor!

As labor started to increase in intensity, I rocked, I walked and I held on to my husband saying “Open” out loud over and over. I loved being in my familiar surroundings with my ultimate birth team surrounding me patiently supporting me. My doula skillfully pushed on my lower back through the contraction and as my husband supported my weight in front of me. My midwife and her assistant put on soothing music, fed me snacks and kept me hydrated through the first fifteen hours of labor.

My midwife had laser focus on my progress and enabled me to labor in the bath, the shower, walking around allowing my body to do whatever it needed to do. I was stalled at seven centimeters and the midwife continued to encourage me while helping me try different positions to move the baby down the birth canal. I had moved from an outward laboring mindset to a powerful intrinsic place within myself. I felt extremely connected to God and my baby. By this time I was quiet and focused.

The baby’s heartbeat started to drip slightly after seventeen hours of labor and my midwife looked into my eyes telling me it was time to get the baby out. At this point, I forgot about my hope of a water birth. My midwife suggested that I lean back on my husband in a squat. The first squat I pushed and nothing happened. I looked at my midwife baffled and unsure of exactly how I was going to get the baby’s head out. She told me to hold my breath and push with my contraction. The contraction intensified. After four hard pushes and one giant primal moan, the baby spurted out. My husband shouted, “What do we have a boy or a girl?” The midwife exclaimed, “A beautiful girl!” The hormones completely rushed through my body, giving me the natural pain reliever I had read about. I fell back exhausted, feeling like I was floating. My baby’s fresh, warm body was laid onto my chest.

Anjali Brown was born at a healthy eight pounds. I always heard birth was the most athletic thing I would do in my life, but I was absolutely amazed at the ability of my body.

Was it a longer birth than I anticipated? Yup. Was labor painful? For only a small stretch of time and if I had gotten into the hypnobirth zone sooner I think it would have even easier. Was it orgasmic like I wanted? Nope. It was hard work! Did I deliver like I thought I would? I always dreamed I would have a water birth, but a squat working with gravity to get the baby down was better for me. Was it the birth I wanted? YES! It was because at the end I am blessed with a special little baby girl and that is all that matters.

Creating A Village

My great hope is that every mother gets to choose the birth plan they desire and that they have access to child birth education and supportive advocates surrounding them during birth. I envision a world where women view birth as vital and beautiful instead of being indoctrinated to fear the experience. Through my own experience I found it is much easier with a supportive ‘village’ around you. Thus ihelpmoms.com was born.

Welcome! I invite you to SEARCH for your ultimate support team to help your growing family stay healthy and happy, to SHOP for affordable baby gear to create a sustainable planet by reducing unnecessary waste and to SHARE with like minded moms near you! ihelpmoms.com is here to make motherhood easier for you and I truly hope that you will share positive insight and valuable resources with our community of moms.

Ready? Set? Go!

What was the most memorable part of your birth experience? Leave your comments below so we can connect and share among this positive community of caring, loving moms!