What To Say When Moms Go Through The Tough Stuff

What To Say When Moms Go Through The Tough Stuff

Sometimes when our fellow mom friends are going through the really hard times we truly WANT to be there for them and don’t know how.

“Often when somebody has gone through a great loss, we just don’t know what to say. And so what happens is you end up saying nothing, you end up doing nothing because you don’t want to remind the person of their grief”.
-Cheryl Sandberg’s interview with Oprah on Super Souls Sunday

Here are some tips from ihelpmoms.com on how to be there for moms going through loss and grief:
1.  Saying something like, “I cannot imagine what you are going through, but I am here for you as an ear to listen.”
2.  Dropping dinner by with a hug.
3.  Offering to take their kids out to do something fun, so they can mourn.
4.  Simply asking if they would like to talk about it.
5.  If you are going to ask “How are you doing”, mean it and be willing to REALLY listen.  Just listen.  Loss is not something that you can fix, but you can lend an ear with a hug.

If you think you had a hard day, or you are holding resentment towards your spouse or just want to be a more caring mom friend, read this blog that follows. Empathy, vulnerability, trust creates strong mom bonds that enrich our lives.

From Angela Rea-  Our Sunshine Journey Blog

Two Years On After Losing My Husband

I lied at our wedding. When I said I would love Darrell till death do us part I lied. I still love him and always will.Just because he is not here anymore does not mean I love him any less. We never fell out of love nor never got bored with each other, we never wanted to leave each other or in fact. E separated in any way. We wanted to be by each other’s side forever. Doing life with each other, being each other’s number one. He was my hero, my soul mate, my husband, the father of my son.

Two years. Two whole years have passed since I last heard Darrell’s very distinctive footsteps echoing all the way down the passage of our old Victorian house for the last time. It feels like only a second ago he was squeezing my hand while we both cried when we heard our baby’s heart beating for the first time. But also a life time ago. It feels like a life time ago since he looked at me with his twinkly, long lashed, blue eyes, half smiling whilst trying to convince me to make him his morning cup of coffee at 5am. Which I always gladly did. I was always rewarded with a lovely big snuggle in bed and then the most imperfectly made cup of Earl Grey. I never told him. I always drank it.

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