What The Heck Are Essential Oils?

What The Heck Are Essential Oils?

I find in today’s society we can feel inundated by a wide variety of products that are targeted to moms.  So when a mom friend handed me essential oils, after I had a very hard labor and delivery with my daughter and was struggling with depression, I was extremely skeptical.

But to my extreme amazement the oils helped me to relax and de-stress – during my difficult recovery.  I decided to go to an essential oils expert and fellow mom, Wendi Nicholson to find out the exact benefits of how they can Make Motherhood Easier.

“Everywhere we look we see natural and “alternative” methods. Interestingly, that is nothing new. Truth be told, oils have been around since before we were! It’s that more people are looking to these methods on their paths to wellness as time goes on.
The top five reasons why, as a mom, I use essential oils are:

1. I get stressed out! Deep inhalation of Bergamot, Frankincense, and or Geranium, to name a few, can help when having a stressful moment.

2. We need sleeping help! My mind doesn’t stop racing at times and I’m pretty sure our kids are gifted with active nocturnal minds as well. Orange, Lavender, Sleepyize or Vetiver are our diffusion choices when this occurs.

3. Non-Toxic cleaning: yes, oils can be used for everyday cleaning and laundry use. Lemon, Purification, and Thieves are the choices.

4. Skincare: I make my own skincare, facewash and body creams. Frankincense, Manuka, Tea Tree, Carrot Seed, Royal Hawaiin Sandalwood and Vetifer are noted for fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Immune Support: Oils exist as helpers to an already amazing immune system. Using RC for respiratory support, Thieves for preventive use, and many others make for a standing chance against being taken down by germs.”

Check out more from this amazing mompreneur at www.wendinicholson.com