What Motivates A Mom To Start Her Own Business?

What Motivates A Mom To Start Her Own Business?

What motivates a mompreneur?
This is a question that I am always curious about as I have the absolute honor of working with hundreds of mompreneurs and there is one common thread:

There is a need in each of their lives that was not being met so they stepped up to change the world around them.  phpThumb_generated_thumbnailjpg

Meet one of our amazing ihelpmoms.com mompreneurs Shelby, who is dedicating her life to helping other women look and feel great!  Shelby and I met at a mutual friends house and my first impression was how absolutely beautiful she was.  She looked like the actress Megan from the show Suits and I literally thought to myself…’how does a person get skin so beautiful’??

I had the chance to ask this awesome mom and business woman about what her beauty secret was.

What really struck me the most was she revealed to me that her beauty secret was MORE than the products.  It was about finding a company that helped her build her confidence in her outward appearance, but ALSO helped her to discover her beauty and power as a woman from within.

Enjoy this interview with a Shelby of Rodan + Fields to discover how she is helping moms live a beautiful life!RD 7

“After I had my two children I struggled to keep my skin clear and as a result I also had scaring and sun damage.  With the help of Rodan + Fields products I have been able to keep my skin clear while reducing the appearance of sun spots and scaring.”

She explained to me that the skin regimens in Rodan + Fields products target anti-aging; reversing sun damage, freckles, acne scars, and even the pregnancy mask.  It restores the skin of those who suffer with adult acne; and soothes the skin of those who may experience rosacea, eczema, and sensitive skin with healing peptides.   Best of all they are easy to use for busy moms!  

The difference between Rodan + Fields products and over counter products is their mutli-med therapy approach in every skin regimen and public clinical studies with a guaranteed 60 day improvement or your full money back!

This amazing mompreneur has seen the lives of so many people around her benefit from these products and she is on a mission to help other moms financially benefit from this company as well!

Make sure to connect with this mom on a mission, Shelby who has partnered with the Drs of Proactive, Dr Rodan + Fields to really change skin and change lives!  Learn more HERE!