What Is Wrong With Competition For Kids

What Is Wrong With Competition For Kids

I have never been the best, well at anything really!
Growing up I was a really scrawny, really slow moving little girl who was never the star athlete.
I played basketball where I made baskets for the wrong team.
I did swimming where I ended up dead last at meets.
I did volleyball where I didn’t even have the arm strength to serve over the net!
In  gymnastics I was pitiful as any of my cheerleading partners will tell you I constantly landed on my head (and theirs).
See my strong amazing, kind, patient stunt partner—–>

You get the picture…
But through this journey of competitive sports I learned
*Follow Through
*Hard Work

and most of all by being involved in competitive sports I found MY OWN GIFTS.  I am happy for all of the experiences I had doing competitive sports, as now I see crystal clear that life is not about comparing it is about celebrating each person’s unique gifts.  I learned to work hard, I learned to scrap for what I really wanted, I learned there will always be someone better, talented, prettier, faster around me.  I learned to be okay with that because I gained the confidence in my own talents through competitive sports.  I learned I was a cheerleader in all aspects- I love encouraging people.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to lose.  But does that mean it’s a bad thing?

Look at Michael Jordan, the Manning Brothers, Serena Williams.  They know the true secret- from defeat can come the greatest opportunity of your life to find your deepest passion and the will to succeed.  Check out the new Gatorade commercial that will remind us all that losing can be the gateway to our greatest path in life to find fulfillment and at the end of the day being fulfilled is what life is all about.

I pray my kids get their dads insane athleticism, but if they don’t it’s fine because you know what?  I will be there to cheer them on in music, art, robotics, whatever they choose to do in their life.  And I will always ask our kids the same questions my husband and I ask each other at the end of the day….
Did you have fun?
Did you do your very best?

And that is the beauty of parenting is that we don’t have to ruin the opportunity for kids that want to compete competitively, we can empower our own children to do their personal best each and every day.  My kids may or may not play competitively, but I would never want to get in the way of the future Michael Jordans’ or Serena Williams out there in pursuing their dreams!  We believe it’s your baby, you choice so if your kids don’t want to play competitive sports, no need to enroll them.

It’s a big world out there after our kids leave our nest full of hurt, loss, competition, success and sheltering them will only make the shock value of the real work that much harder.
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