What is the best thing a mom can hear woman to woman?

This past weekend I got a good reminder of why we need to CELEBRATE our similarities as mothers instead of focusing on criticizing one another.

I signed up to work the Just Between Friends event in West Palm Beach this weekend and truth be told, I was sad to be away from my family and all the fun weekend parties and plans.  I sat in my car before the event just praying for the strength at 7 months pregnant to be energetic to promote our awesome ihelpmoms.com providers and connect with great moms.

ihelpmomsold.wpengine.com with Wrapping with Kat together on a mission to Make Motherhood Easier!
ihelpmoms.com with Wrapping with Kat together on a mission to Make Motherhood Easier!

I walked in to the cold warehouse, but mom luck came my way!  I had the immediate good fortune to connect with It Works Wraps representative Kathy. She was tossing a Spiderman figurine out of her purse on her table and we laughed over the things we find in our bags as moms. As  we worked our our morning kinks setting up our tables, we continued to laugh at  how tiring chasing after toddlers can be. She said- “It feels so great to know that I am not the only mom who feels this way!” Making me realize that we all long for someone to just remind us that we are not alone on this journey called motherhood.

I then got to talking to another mom and vendor who just moved from Colorado. We discussed how difficult it is to meet new friends and to get used to a new speed of life in Florida. Moving here from Seattle, Washington I told her honestly that “I completely understand how you are feeling!”

That simple statement can be the key to uniting us as mothers and making each other feel good.  There is no extra advice needed.  No negativity to pile on.  Just the simple statement:

“I understand how you are feeling, you are definitely not alone”  is sometimes all we need to hear!

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