What do you when you have a wild, fearless toddler???

Do you have a toddler that is fearless?? That won’t sit still and has to be in constant motion, knowing that taking him or her to story time at the library will only end in disaster…. I have one of those

Let me tell you about my two year old son, Swim… He is fearless, and reckless. He has scaled our 6 foot fence. Yup… up and over in less than one minute.

fence climbing

He climbs trees with his brothers and has figured out how to do flips on the trampoline. He knows how to climb to the top bunk {without a ladder} in the wee hours of the morning, then delightfully screaming for Mom or Dad to show us his accomplishment. He climbs and jumps and tumbles, and does it all with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his mischievous eye.

Kids like this are exhausting! They need to always be watched and kept from hurting themselves as they fly from one piece of furniture to the next. There is not a lot of down time while they are awake.

What do you do with kids like these??

I had high hopes of taking him to story time like I did my other boys when they were toddlers, enjoying the stories and playing the instruments. I have quickly realized that story time will not do for this child. AT ALL!!

So I had to think outside the box and find things that he would enjoy and that would fit his personality better.

So here is what we do…

We go to a climbing gym. Seriously!! The best idea ever!! If you have a climber, get them on the wall. The one that we go to has a kid area where the walls are only 10 feet high, and the floor is very padded, there is a rope ladder and a zip line. My boy is in heaven when we go.

rock climbingb

Try the YMCA or any place with a pool. Swimming and playing in the water is a whole body activity. For fearless ones let them loose –with a close eye!!- and let them learn their own boundaries. Water can be really dangerous, but for the fearless child it doesn’t scare them. I am always with in an arms reach of scooping him out of the water when he wanders a bit to far.

Go for a hike. I love hiking and taking the kids a long is always fun. I try to find easy hikes but I will usually go about a mile, and I my toddler will walk the whole thing… usually dragging a stick bigger than himself the whole way. We stop to look at bugs and to climb rocks and trees and just let him get dirty.


We makes forts in the living room. I make him go get pillows and blankets and bring them in. It allows him to take ownership of it, and the carrying, lifting, and dragging things is a workout.

Go to different parks. We have a rotation of about 4 parks that we go to, so it keeps it new. Also when we are at the park I let him climb without helping. My rule is you have to get up and down by yourself, if he can’t reach on his own he has to go a different way.

park climbing

And honestly…. He also loves Curious George and Magic School Bus. When I do need a moment I feel no guilt in putting him down in front of the TV and letting him watch for a bit while I catch my breath.

This go around with a toddler is so different than the past for me. Swim was not made for story time. He would rather explore and experience the world.

The wild and fearless ones are the ones that you watch out for… These are the kids that are going to do great things because they do not fear. They will be the movers and shakers of the next generation. I have high hopes for my wild one. He will change the world… and so will yours!

fence climbing

Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

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