What Do You Do When You Think No One Is Watching?

I remember when we first moved to Florida from Seattle, I cried for…3 years missing my friends and family. Yes, I was really homesick! Now that I am a mom, I have built new relationships, but they have taken work and energy to cultivate. Do we have different parenting styles? Sure. Do we have different interests and hobbies? Yup. This past week, as I sat back and observed my friends, I learned that good people are good even when they Designer MOMS GROUPthink no one is watching…

This weekend I watched one of my girlfriends dish her husband up a plate before even thinking of herself and she is pregnant! You better believe my pregnant self is dishing myself up first and hoarding my food! HA! It was beautiful to see such a simple act of kindness. So today I was inspired as I drove past my husband’s office. I flipped a U-turn, picked him up a protein shake and brought it to him with a love note.

I watched the husband of one of my friends clean the dinner dishes before I even got the chance. His get it done, team attitude truly inspired me. After watching him, I am cleaning the kitchen faster to get on with my life instead of dreading the chore. Not to mention when I am at other friend’s homes I am going to offer to clean up more as that was a true TREAT!

I had another friend express that she wanted to just stay close to home to give her hubby some TLC, as she recognized her husband had been working super hard. I was floored at her ability not to focus on him being gone or busy, but instead she wanted to find special ways to reward and thank him for his hard work.

“You truly are the company you keep”… None of these friends knew that I was paying attention to these simple acts of kindness.  That is what made them so beautiful to me!  It made me really thankful that I kept going to mommy and me classes and that I was outgoing at the park to meet new friends- even when it didn’t seem worth it. All of the time and energy is well spent to meet amazing friends that inspire you to be a better partner, a better friend and a better mother!