What Are The Best Superfoods This Summer?

What Are The Best Superfoods This Summer?

The Superfoods and Their Super Powers from Fit Food Fresh Meal DeliveryFit Foods Fresh

We hear the term “superfoods” all the time now, since there is a shining spotlight on clean eating and staying healthy these days (and that trend is here to stay!). What is a superfood, though? Does it have super powers? There is no medical or legal definition to the term superfoods, but we do know that they are healthy beyond belief! Superfoods are packed full of nutrients, antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals and eating them has its benefit. Fighting chronic illnesses, keeping your energy flowing, and overall staying healthier and fit are all the super powers of the amazing superfoods.

th-24At Fit Food Fresh, we’re always serving up superfoods. They’re always on our menus; we wouldn’t leave you hanging! Some of our favorite superfoods here at Fit Food Fresh are brussel sprouts, spinach, avocado, kale, broccoli, and pomegranate. Each item listed serves a purpose to your body and overall well-being. The green stuff is full of heart healthy nutrients and pomegranate is an amazing antioxidant. You thought you were just eating some green veggies, but low and behold – they’re superfoods!

Be on the lookout for superfoods on our menu. We love serving up a spicy peach basted grilled chicken breast with roasted brussel sprouts (yum!) and a carrot ‘pasta’ with turkey sausage and sautéed spinach (double yum!). Keep your eye out, you’ll start feeling great with our Fit Food Fresh superfoods! Fit Food Fresh delivers healthy meals directly to your door for only $9!

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