Vision Beyond Being Mom

Vision Beyond Being Mom

Vision Boards

My husband and I built our vision boards together for 2017 over the past month. His input was filled with amazing business goals, passive income goals, fitness competition goals and investment goals. The conversation turned to me and I said my biggest mission is to balance everything while adding a new baby to our house, and supporting him accomplishing all of his goals!


ihelpmoms balanceHe asked me what ‘balancing it all meant’ to me and at first, I was offended, then baffled.  Instead of getting defensive, I listened as he explained why it is important to get specific about my own goals.

Sometimes the hardest questions in life can be the ones we need to answer most. I realized I am tired of people saying moms can’t ‘have it all’. I am on a quest to plan, achieve and conquer my dream life as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur starting with an incredible 2017 vision board.

  1. What does your ultimate life look like?
    1. Take time to sit by yourself and think about what makes you smile, laugh and what you enjoy.
    2. For me, I know I need quality time every week with my hubby to stay connected in the midst of our crazy schedules. I also know that to be successful professionally with a third baby on the way I need to figure out schools, activities for the kiddos ahead of time. If I fail to plan I will fail to be the best mom, wife, leader I can be.
  2. What are your top 5 goals for the year?
    I always do my board on a landscape word document. Type or Write Out:

    1. Professional Goals- Revenue, Promotions, Salary, Seminars
    2. Personal Goals- Morning Meditations, Fitness, Faith, Volunteering
    3. Fun Goals- Trips, Excursions
    4. Family Goals- What Do You Want To See Your Kids Accomplish?
    5. Couple Goals- Date Nights, Couples Get Aways, Fun, Financial Goals
  1. Now, take a second look at your goals. Get specific with numbers, timelines.
    The detailed numbers, dates, deadlines WILL keep you accountable.

    1. Fitness Example Goal: Wake up at 5 am Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to go running before my husband leaves for work.
    2. Professional Example Goal: To have TV on a major television network by September 2017
    3. Couples Example Goal: Date night every Friday night
    4. Finally, I take the time to look at our monthly budget to see where I need to juggle to ensure our goals meet up with the resources we have. Does your gym cost money? How much do you need per month for babysitters? How can you save to do couples get away? It isn’t always fun to look over these details, but financial planning is a vital component of a happy life.
  1. Finally, search out pictures, inspirational people, and quotes to put on your goal board. It will visually inspire you daily. I love putting my vision board in the middle of my bathroom mirror so I see it every day!

Lead A Fulfilling Life

ihelpmoms goalsEvery year we have done this and every year we have hit our goals. It is THE best feeling. Vision board planning with your spouse ensures you are on the same page with your family goals, your budgeting, and most of all your FULFILLMENT IN LIFE!

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2017!
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