Two Kids In Bed In Under 20 Minutes

Two Kids In Bed In Under 20 Minutes

th-46Yes… I can get my 1 year old and 2 year old in bed –for the night- in under 20 minutes!

Bed time is the time of day that I’m sure most parents look forward to. Yes, we love our kids… Yes, we enjoy being with them… but yes… there needs to be at least a little time in the day when you are not wiping something that doesn’t belong to you. A time when you can sit and think… or not think at all, just by yourself!

Our family is not huge on routine… it’s pretty loose as far as the day to day things go, but come bed time or nap time watch out! There is a routine and it is strictly adhered too.

You will have to find what works for you, and it take some time to work out the bugs but once you do you will thank yourself for doing it {and have time to eat that cookie all by yourself}

I really think the key is keeping it simple! Don’t overdo the process or make it harder for yourself. But doing the same thing every day is the key. It’s the trigger that kids need to know what is coming next.

Nap Time:
This one is easy about 12:00 I start getting lunch ready. When we are home we eat in the same place every day. Two high chairs, one for each kid. That way no one can get down from the table. This way I know they eat {and not waking up hungry} and when they are done.

Once I get them in and food in front of them I do a quick once over to make sure blankets, binkis, dolls are in the right bed for the right child. This is key!! You don’t want to get up to the bed and realize that the favorite blanket is down stairs.

Once they are done eating, usually Charli is done first {sometimes falling asleep while she eats} I take her up and put her to bed. If she is awake I sing ONE song and down she goes.

I come back down and grab Swim and take him up. Give him his blanket and ONE song and then I leave and shut the door. –I do have a baby lock on the INside of the door so he can’t get out-

That’s it.

And about an hour and a half later they are back up to play.

Bed Time:
Bed time is a little tricky because we have so many other people running around doing different things. But I still stick to the routine that we have and bed time is a breeze.

At 7:15 I do the rounds again looking for blankets and binkis that have made their way out of the bedrooms. I grab jammies and diapers and have them ready.

I change and diaper both kids at the same time. Then as a family we all stop and have scripture reading and prayer together… this is the trigger that the littles have to know that bed time is coming…

After that I take both kids up and brush teeth then I put Swim in his bed, with ONE song and a kiss then I leave, closing the door behind me. I take Charli to her room sing ONE song and put her down and close the door.

That’s it. Done! And unless there is a really good reason, I don’t go back in. No extra kisses, no drinks of water, no extra songs. And no, I don’t read bed time stories. I will read to the kids throughout the day so I don’t feel I need to read to them at night. And besides… when kids know they are going to bed and pick the longest story to read.

Because they know this it has made bed time so easy!!

Some may wonder why no baths before bed… Because it’s not easy. Plain and simple. We do baths after dinner if needed, but not every day. My kids love to play in the bath and it does NOT calm them down, so we don’t do it at bed time. And I don’t want the kids to feel like they need to have a bath to go to bed if we get home from something at 10:00.

The key is to have those simple constant triggers that can be accommodated even when you have changes, like an afternoon appointment or a late night, because the steps are the same.

It does take work to get a good sleep routine down, but it is so worth it. I love knowing that at 7:30 the two littlest are down for the night. Find what works for you and start simplifying your nap and bed time routine.

Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

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