Top 5 Tips to Shopping For A New Family Car

Top 5 Tips to Shopping For A New Family Car

Have you gotten pregnant and realized it was time for a different car?
Well that is where I am at right now with a toddler and one on the way.
Car shopping this weekend has been a true adventure!

I figured out something interesting as we shopped about the male and female species though. My husband wanted the sexy, luxurious, fast SUV. I wanted the stable, big, family friendly SUV. My husband’s vehicle preference drove like a dream, but two car seats and a stroller would have taken up the entire car. The SUV I had my eye on the other hand had tons of room for all the kid’s stuff plus we could fit extra visitors or family in.

th-7In short, I figured out that cars to men are often like dating that beautiful woman that is luscious and tempting, but not smart to settle down with. The car I wanted was like the man that you know will be a playful dad and provide you with comfort, safety and trust. Read on to find out which one of us got the car we wanted…

  1. The internet is an invaluable resource so you don’t waste your time on a car lot with hungry, tired kids in tow. Research, research, research what is important to you in a car and what the true needs for your growing family are.
  1. Talk about a budget ahead of time with your significant other. For instance my husband just told the sales guy the truth in our negotiation…my wife will not let me pay over X amount or we have to walk and the guy came down $5,000 to work with us.
  2. Poker face is GOOD. I have driven my car 10 years now. As we car shopped this weekend I had to work hard to keep the sheer joy at bay at the thought of getting a new car now that mine had reached 100,000 miles. I knew if the sales person saw my true love for having a new car we would lose our negotiating power that we were willing to walk away.
  3. Leave the kids out of the negotiating table if possible. It is distracting and it is important to have focus when negotiating to get the best price. Bring lots of snacks and toys to keep the kids busy if you have to bring them, as it keeps everyone in a better mood!
  1. We have our budget, we bring a check and we know we can’t pay more than that for a car. We pay cash in our family. That way we are never overextending ourselves past what we can afford.  Financial stress is the number one cause of divorce and so we work very hard to avoid any financial uncertainty.  We have never had a monthly payment on a car so it is one less bill we ever have to think about.

So here is the conclusion to who got the car they wanted…Ends up we both won as we found a car that was sexy and beautiful on the outside, combined with being strong and durable in the inside. Cars really are like the ideal spouse!