Toddler Teeth Brushing

Toddler Teeth Brushing

BrushingTrying to teach toddlers to brush their teeth can be the biggest chore!  But it’s something that is so important, and to start that habit early is the best thing.

Here are some ideas for making the daunting task of brushing teeth a little better.

*Get a little tooth brush and take turns brushing each others teeth. You brush his a little and then open your mouth and let him brush yours a little.

*Keep a tooth brush at the kitchen sink. Do a quick brush when they are in the high chair… not being able to run away offers you an advantage.

*Don’t use tooth paste, at least to start anyway, having a gob of something in her mouth might be gross for her and she won’t want to open again. I just start with a plain tooth brush.

*Boys get a kick out of spitting. So when you do use tooth paste really lather it up and let them spit away.

*Have a cup filled with 3-4 tooth brushes and let them pick the one they want each time they brush.

It’s a good idea to get established with a good pediatric dentist as soon as the first tooth pops up. Search for a Pediatric Dentist Your Kids Will Love for FREE at!  Mention ihelpmoms when you book an appointment for specials!

Search for FreeHopefully these ideas will make it a tad easier to get those little chompers clean!


Leah, amazing mom of 6!
Leah, amazing mom of 6!

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