I Am Tired Of Yelling At My Kids!

I Am Tired Of Yelling At My Kids!

Crying, Whining, Just Tired of it!

We seriously all see the perfect moms that seem to have it all together.
We also all know the moms who complain all the time.
But what about those moms that are feeling overwhelmed and are silently hurting?

With baby number 3 on the way, I started to feel like I was drowning.  I felt like I was giving 1,000% to my kids in love, in time, in working to make life fun, healthy living, cooking, and cleaning.  Add that on top of the exertion of pregnancy and working…I started to see that my kids were running my household with bad behavior and it was DRIVING ME CRAZY!

The whining.
The tantrums at the grocery store.
Bad behavioral decisions like hitting our property.
The school cut the nap causing majorly tired kids! AHHHHHHH!
The bedtime mayhem, right when my husband got home.
The sibling fighting.
Teachers leaving at both schools had the girls feeling abandoned.
Daddy traveled for work every weekend leaving the girls sad.
I am sure I am the only mom that has incurred these transitions and situations;)

I literally felt too tired some nights to deal.  Honestly, I just was beyond frustrated as a mom and knew I did not want to be that parent that gives up on managing their kids.
I was resolved that my kids were not going to be those rude, ungrateful kids that rule the household.

When you talk to different mom friends they all have well-meaning advice….but here is the truth.  Every child is different, every house environment is different, we have different goals in parenting.  Then you read the parenting books and you try this method or tip, but you really feel like screaming is anyone out there that can help personalize this to my family??!

ihelpmoms.com TV reveals how to stop stressing and create a happier home!

I connected with renowned ihelpmoms.com parenting expert Help Me Alison.  I knew I needed to get some tools to create the joy-filled home I wanted during this time of great transition in our life before the baby came!

Big Changes!

ihelpmoms changesI found a tremendous difference in reading parenting articles and actually having a parenting coach come to our house real time to help us see what we as parents are often blind to!  We set household expectations, I stopped praising my kids and started meaningfully engaging them to see their self-worth (I didn’t say I stopped encouraging and loving them!).  The girls have clear understandings of responsibilities, I know how to empower the kids now to help themselves, and most importantly when to not engage in the toddler power struggles and when time out is actually applicable–all of this combined has made me love being a mom again and every day is FUN again!

Here are some of the top questions Alison helps with that parents want to know.

Parenting Question: My 3-year-old is not listening and I am tired of yelling! 
“Kids really love being in control and when they
hear the parent asking and they know that they
can ignore them and nothing will happen, they
sit back and let parents ask over and over.  By
the fifth or sixth time they hear their parents
get angry or scream so then they listen.

I know you want the listening to happen by
the first, no more than the second time.  What
you have to do is, SAY IT!  MEAN IT!  FOLLOW THROUGH!”
See the full Help Me Alison article HERE!

ihelpmoms real parentsReal Questions, Real Parents

Parenting Question: I am moving my toddler to a big bed.  Any advice for a smooth transition?
“Don’t be surprised if she gets out of bed, but some kids just never do! If she hasn’t seen the bed yet, show her pictures and talk about how great it is being a big girl! Of course, make it exciting about getting the big girl bed, but don’t change a thing of what you do already. Don’t show any worry or anxiety about what you “think may happen” because she’ll pick up on it. Don’t mention getting out of it unless she does. Like I said, some children never think of getting out at all!” See the full article HERE!

Parenting Question: I ask my child to do something when we are out in public and they are really testing my patience.  What do I do?
“He does it for power and control.  It’s not that he doesn’t know how to do it
quickly, as you said!  He just wants to make it all about him!  He wants everything to stop
and everyone to wait while he takes his good old time at it.  I would tell him that you are tired of him
wasting everyone’s time.” Check out this important FULL article about communicating with your child in a situation like this!

Having a parenting coach come to the house can be intimidating.  I couldn’t talk to my husband about it as I didn’t want him to think I was failing.  I was afraid she would judge me or criticize me.  I didn’t think my kids would accept a coach coming into our home.

Here is what I found by hiring a parenting coach:

I didn’t get judged at all.  Help me Alison will listen to your parenting goals and give you tools as she sees different situations unfold.  It’s so helpful to have a true experts opinion as she really has seen it all!
My husband and I have never been closer and we are on the same page as parents after experiencing parenting coaching!  It is awesome as we came from two COMPLETELY different types of families in regards to parenting beliefs.
Finally, my kids are happy, and their behavior issues have subsided as I learned as a parent to be a better communicator, not to say, good job, and to make sure to set clear expectations while still empowering them.
She is always an email away now when I have questions as situations arise so I feel supported moving forward!

No mom ever wants to admit when times are tough or that we can use some help, but here at ihelpmoms.com, I TELL THE TRUTH! So I hope my vulnerability has helped fellow moms to know that you are not alone and ihelpmoms.com has excellent parenting coaches and family therapists here to encourage and help you!

Help Me Alison

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