Tips For Back To School Success

Tips For Back To School Success

At our house these are the 5 things I have found that help us succeed during the school year!

th-461.  Prep the night before!
Make sure school uniforms/clothes are clean and ready.
Make sure backpack, projects, supplies are all ready and sitting by the door.
Work this preparation into your child’s night time routine!

2.  Make sure you have a good night time routine in place.  Kids need sleep.  Period.
The habits that we put in place while our kids are young are vital for their sleep patterns as they grow up.  There is no doubt that our minds are more alert and productive when we get adequate sleep.

Back to school 43.  Pack lunches and have them ready in the fridge the night before.
Do you want your child to be more focused and have sustained energy throughout the day?
Give them healthy lunches and snacks!  By packing the night before it helps avoid grabbing the processed, sugary foods when we are in a hurry!

4.  Make learning fun!
When my daughter started school, she would come home and I would try to continue to teach.  That definitely did not work well!  Thanks to family therapists Sofia Robirosa, I read this article on great tools to make learning fun, which in turn has created an enjoyable family atmosphere!

Back to school 35.  Make Time To Focus On Family!
Kids have spent their entire day listening to instructions and following directions with ALOT of additional social, emotional  situations sprinkled in such as balancing the dynamics of peers and friends.

Make sure you when you do get time with your kids after school or work that you make it QUALITY TIME.  Even if they are doing school work, make sure you spend some time letting them know you care about their day.  It is vital to focus, and connect.  Dinners are a great time to set down the technology and ask some questions: What was the best part of your day?  What was the funniest part of your day.  TALK.  It is becoming a forgotten art.  Let’s bring great communication and connection into our families!  If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed or if your child seems withdrawn and has low self esteem, reach out to our family therapists on!  Don’t struggle silently! is here to help you!  We are family focused providers such as Doctors, Dentists, Food Delivery, Meal Delivery, Tutors, Schools and MORE here to help families!  Search for Fre
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