Mothers Day Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Mothers Day Gifts That Keep On Giving!

Can we talk about May 8th?  It is a seriously BIG DAY.

It is the ONLY day that moms TRULY get dedicated attention on all that we do.  EVERYTHING we do.  We seriously need capes.  364 days out of the year I do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, car shuttle, bed times, baths, playdates on and on and on…sometimes more joyfully than others if you want the truth.  But May 8th I AM GOING TO GIVE MY HUBBY SOME HINTS on how I he can make the day REALLY special for ME!  Calling me selfish? It’s cool.  On this one day of the year, I am.  Completely.   So here are some great ideas that not only will be good for Mothers Day but providing LASTING BENEFITS to moms! 

Happy Mothers Day To YOU: Ask for these great gifts!
Mention for specials and VIP rates!

1. Massage or facial AND BROWS with CustomSpa! Simply AMAZING and specializes in working with moms!!  Absolutely hands down my favorite way to get pampered that is completely customized to YOU!

2. Meals Delivered To Your Door by The Thymely Chef! Vegan, gluten free available and YOU GET A NIGHT OFF COOKING!

3. Mommy Fitness Training with our AMAZING trainers with childcare, bring your child, online and personal training!  Give yourself the gift of getting in shape to feel sexy and great!

4. Treat yourself to a therapy session with our amazing mom coaches to de-stress!  EVERYONE can use a little soul pampering!

5.  Did you know there is an easy way to de-stress, get more SLEEP and boost your ENERGY during the day? Check out these amazing oils with expert mom Wendi that are all natural and a moms best friend!

6.  This is MY favorite apparel that is perfect for moms to go to the park with kids in comfort, look good and have a good reminder to laugh more!

We wish all of our moms a special day where you are recognized for your cooking, cleaning, working 24/7, caring, 
chauffeuring, and SELFLESSNESS!
YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! and May 8th is YOUR DAY!