The Things Moms Never Talk About

The Things Moms Never Talk About

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 7.10.05 PMI had the immense pleasure yesterday of talking to a mommy about to give birth in a few days.
I said the normal ‘oh I am so excited for you!’ and  ‘It will be the most amazing experience ever!’

But then I sat there and I thought- I actually really care about this first time mommy.  I don’t believe in being negative but I did think I should tell her the truth. So here it is…when that baby comes life gets very busy, so it is good to prepare BEFORE the baby comes! And I don’t mean making sure the wipes are lined up with the diapers in a beautiful nursery.  I mean THE REAL things that will help mommies bringing a baby into the world! These are the things I am SO glad my midwife and doula taught me!

1.  Lightly wet Stayfree pads and put them in ziplock bags in my freezer.  After birth I put them in my underwear and AHHHHHH.  The cooling sensation was fantastic.

2.  Before the baby came I bought Lansinoh Nipple Cream to have on hand. This nipple cream really helped me as a first time breastfeeding mommy!  Second time around you know what to expect a little more:)  These breast pads are amazingly soft and washable! Much much more comfortable!

Spectra Pump is amazing!!
Spectra Pump is amazing!!

3.  Essential Oils can help you relax before during and after giving birth.  If you feel overwhelmed or tired, these are a great natural solution. Talk to oils expert Dawn for details!

4.  Make sure you are comfortable with your breast pump equipment.  And no pumping does not hurt and I highly highly recommend our lactation consultants!! They are SPECIFICALLY TRAINED to help mommies breastfeed! I have tried a TON of breast pumps and I loved the Spectra pump.  It was so gentle and it cut my pumping time down to just 15 minutes.

5.  A hands free breast pumping bra!  This was key!  I needed my hands!

6.   I wished I had heard that it is OKAY to FEEL what you are feeling.  If you are happy, sad, tired, excited, hurting, it’s normal.  Trust me when I tell you veteran moms QUICKLY FORGET what those first few weeks with a newborn feel like.  At we feel it is VERY important to provide support for moms! You have accomplished something amazing nourishing and bringing another human being to life! Don’t suffer silently! is here for YOU.  We are family EXPERTS that want to help your family to be healthy and happy!

Edna and Michelle6.  Make sure you keep pulled up on your phone when you have your baby!

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I am 5 months pregnant with the amazing Health Coach Rachel Feldman!
I am 5 months pregnant with the amazing Health Coach Rachel Feldman!

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