The Secret to Losing Weight That I Learned From A Toddler

Do you spend time cooking only to feel like your family scarfs it down in 5 minutes?
So frustrating!

To add to this, my toddler would leave her plate of healthy, home cooked food and head into our pantry.  She would cry and point asking for bars, bites and puffs.  Finally when she went to sleep that night I I decided to hide her on the go snack food.

The next night like clock work she got out of her high chair and headed to the pantry turning in circles looking for her snacks.  I knelt down to her letting her know the snacks were all gone but she could eat the rest of her dinner.  photo 3
From that night on she never went to the pantry again.

As I started to pat myself of the back, it dawned on me- My food hiding experiment successfully worked on my daughter, but I really needed it for my husband and I too!

I took a look around our pantry and fridge the next day and completely cleared out our own adult snacking- chips, pretzels, cheese, bread that tempted us daily.

photoI replaced our fridge with green juices, fruits, veggies, protein shakes, carrots with hummus, eggs, avocado, chicken, chicken sausage, turkey, beans, nuts and protein shakes. Our dinners are simply fish, chicken or shrimp and two vegetables and occasionally quinoa or brown rice now.

I feel lighter, healthier and I have more energy. Emotionally I am happier as I am terrified of not getting the baby weight off after this next pregnancy. By simply revamping my fridge however, I am giving my baby-to-be amazing nutrients and allowing my body to get healthy fats that won’t be hard to shed after she is born! And that thought makes me HAPPY and less stressed!

So, thank you my dear 2 year old. I thought I taught you a lesson, but really as usual, you taught me the secret to being a healthy mama:

Take it from this pregnant mama-
Don’t buy crap you won’t eat it!