The Pre Pregnancy Bucket List I Would Have Given Myself

I was watching Married at First Sight last night and one of the couples was having an argument over when to start having kids.  Then the husband whips out this notebook full of bucket list items he wanted before he had kids.  The television stars bucket list was exotic and full of thrills.  Mine….full of the real items I would have done more of pre kids!  Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus….

Santorini HikeHere are my top 7 pre pregnancy bucket list items I would tell myself:

1.  Get as much sleep as possible.
2.  Go to the gym everyday for as long as you want whenever you want.
3.  Travel everywhere.  Go to Dubai, go to Ireland, go sit in the sun with a drink everywhere you ever desire to go.
4.  Work really hard at whatever is your career passion while you can focus on just your own needs and goals!
th-75.  Get regular manicures and pedicures or some kind of pampering just for you.  Read the magazines as you sit in the chair and relax.  I mean really relax without any thoughts of bottles and cooking and diapers. Call Custom Spa 27 after kids as they will come pamper you at home! Mention ihelpmoms for specials. 
6.  The golden key: Go see a family therapist or as I refer to them a Mom Coach.  I truly believe one of the reasons my hubby and I are so happy is that we went to a great couples class on money management and values BEFORE we got married. Find a great family therapist here to help create a less stressful, happier home!
7.  Have FUN, laugh, discover what you love doing together.  So when you have kids, you can plan fun nights out and dates to rekindle the romance of what you loved before kids!  Couples that play together stay together.

Edna and MichelleHaving kids is the best thing I have ever had the honor to do.  It’s also really hard work.  It is a big responsibility and it’s important that we take care of ourselves as moms so we can take care of our families. network of mom approved providers is here to help you.  SEARCH our Doctors, Dentists, Preschools, Pregnancy Fitness Trainers, Post Partum Fitness Trainers, Meal Delivery, Grocery Delivery, Mommy and Me Classes, and MORE!  We are here for YOU!