The One Thing Women Should Do That They Often Are Too Afraid to Do

The One Thing Women Should Do That They Often Are Too Afraid to Do

Getting older and wiser definitely has benefits. Here is one key I have definitely learned as I have gotten older and especially since becoming a mom:

Smart women surround themselves by talented women that they admire.

I went to a women’s business meeting last month and watched a wide variety of women enter the meeting room, ranging from shy to snobby. Then, I turned towards the door to see this bright, beautiful woman enter and I could feel her loving, confident personality radiate throughout the room. I was a little intimidated and I always know when I feel that way it’s when MO_219_0761-Edit-333x500I have to push myself to get to know this person to make myself better. So I put my purse next to hers and settled in to find out what I could learn from her.

Boy am I glad I did! I had the opportunity to meet a rising star in business, an amazing mom and an incredibly inspiring woman! I am proud to introduce our fans to the Founder of Modern Boca Mom- Michelle

How did motherhood inspire you to start Modern Boca Mom?
My family and I moved down from NYC to Boca Raton last fall and between juggling a full time job, a 5-month-old baby and major house renovations, I had very little time to find activities to do with my daughter around town.  I scoured the internet for a website that would tell me where to take her, but there was nothing!  It was beyond frustrating, so I decided to fill this gap in the online marketplace and was born.

What is the mission of Modern Boca Mom?
To be the go-to online resource for South Florida Moms who are stylish, modern and have a city-oriented mindset when it comes to their lifestyle and their family’s.  I also support the
Mompreneur and inspire women to launch their own businesses.  I love that Modern Boca Mom is building such a great online network, but I also wanted to bring moms together in person!

What can the users of look forward to on Modern Boca Mom’s website?

  • Quality, fun editorial content that’s developed just for YOU, the South Florida Mom and the opportunity to network with other moms through monthly “mommy” events.MBM logo_text_sq_sm
  • ‘Modern Boca Mom Nights Out’ or daytime
    events at local businesses which create a great face-to-face community of South Florida moms.
  • My most popular feature EVERY SINGLE WEEK is Mompreneur Monday and I think that inspirational “storytelling” especially sets Modern Boca Mom apart from other websites, local or not.
  • Modern Boca Mom Wine Club (#MBMomWineClub)

What is your dream for Modern Boca Mom?
Of course, I would love to syndicate the blog someday (Hello Modern Atlanta Mom!), but shorter term?  I would love to partner with a national corporate sponsor to support the Mompreneur Monday series as a whole because I truly believe in the female entrepreneur and so should America!

Make sure to check out this fabulous resource for South Florida Moms!