The Happiest Place For Moms…Find Out Where You Need To Be!

I have been to a lot of spas and salons around the world in my life, but today I found my new favorite happy place. I left my husband to babysit while I embarked on a much overdue solo adventure just for my pregnant self….

From the outside I could see the floating white drapes and they beckoned my overworked, pregnant body inside. The entry is light and airy and I felt like I could leave my mom and wife responsibilities at the door for some much needed me time.  I had made it.  YES!
I was at Belly Love in Margate, Florida. Unknown-1

Belly Love is the cleanest, most relaxing spa I have found in Florida.  I appreciated all if the thought that went into creating a spa with moms in mind:

  • The pedicure pools are actually large basis that drain completely out and are sparkling clean.
  • The polish they use is Zoya, which is high quality without harsh chemicals.  The scrub they use on their pedicures was luxurious, yet effective for getting my feet back in sandal shape.
  • The spa has excellent air filtration, so there were no chemical smells and nail polish stench infringing on my baby to be or I.Unknown
  • My spa therapists are so knowledgable about reflexology and the points to avoid for pregnant women.  I knew I was in knowledgeable, capable, caring hands.
  • My facial was out of this world. I loved that the beds were made to accommodate pregnancy by bringing my legs to a comfortable position.  The rooms where so big and the products displayed so beautifully, that I knew the care they put into the small details would translate into the care they would put into taking care of me.
  • My facial specialist sanitized her hands after leaving the room to get me a product for my skin type and I was grateful to know I was in such a clean environment!Unknown-2
  • The products used at Belly Love are specifically for pregnancy and motherhood. They are very effective, gentle brands to assist with that persky hormonal skin that comes with nurturing babies!  My face felt fresh and renewed after my facial.  AND my facial included a foot rub that I never wanted to end.
  • Their Ultrasound rooms are gorgeous and offers some of the clearest fetal imaging in a relaxing environment for your family to celebrate your growing bundle of joy.

    As I enjoyed my last few minutes of not being needed by my family, dishwasher or laundry machine, I am so grateful I got to take time for  my own health and happiness.  I can honestly say that I believe Belly Love is a great place for moms to come and experience a much needed oasis.  Turn the cell phone off, leave the kids at home and come enjoy this special place designed by a mom for moms just like you!


3420 NW 62nd Avenue
Margate, FL 33063

*I did not receive any monetary compensation for this blog post! I loved it so much I purchased some of the products they used.  This is an honest endorsement of a wonderful business doing great things for moms!