The Conversation I Didn’t Want To Have With My Husband

10365927_904000639696558_6151974779005761158_nMy husband and I had a very different winter holiday.  For the first time ever, he closed his office and we traveled from Florida to Oregon to California to Colorado visiting family and friends.
And most surprisingly our nights were not filled with going out and running all over these amazing locations, but instead we found ourselves hunkered in, enjoying great meals, great people and actually getting some kid free time to talk to one other.
It was the first time in a LOOOONNNGGGG time that I didn’t feel rushed with the bus-i-ness of mom life.

I knew with it was time to talk about 2016 and honestly it seemed so overwhelming I was dreading talking about it.  Our 2016 vision board is BIG full of goals for our businesses, fitness, kids, relationship, travel and more.   It’s not simple or easy.  My mommy, wife, mompreneur, sister, daughter, energy tank was on LOW as 2015 came to a close.

Then he said something that absolutely changed my world, my outlook and my mind.

10406863_862709270453347_3479431136065552946_nHe said: “We never leave our principles of healthy living, loyalty to family and friends, and serving others, but to accomplish our yearly goals we must be flexible in how we do it”

Hearing those words come out of his mouth was like water in a desert. Just what I needed to get motivated for a fun filled 2016.  It was one of those important moments as a couple when you realize you are on the same page as friends, parents and partners for life. It’s truly a relief.

I love the thought heading into 2016 that we will accomplish all of our goals, never wavering from our principles and staying flexible on how to get there.  Especially as a mom, I now feel peaceful knowing that I can meet my families needs as they come and achieve great growth personally and professionally as well.  Sometimes those difficult planning conversations (about money, emotions, parenting etc.) with our spouse or partner can lead to the most important growth in our relationships.

10311052_757660334291575_4422983179666612423_n12002911_478556825659946_6450799116022887032_nI highly recommend reaching out to our AMAZING family therapists if you are wanting to find peace and clarity in 2016 for your family.  I never want to look back at my marriage or my kids with regret and I truly believe having a vision for your family and communicating this vision can help create a  peaceful household!

10382860_636799593096517_5471238256639068428_nAnother great resource that has provided daily mom motivation is the amazing coach Monica Coronel! 

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2016!