The Cheapest Family Fun You Can Have

Scott 4This weekend I was lucky enough to have my best friend of 17 years and her family fly 3,000 miles to visit.  Being the Type A, super planner I am, I had a thousand things planned for us to experience all the best Florida had to offer.

But I got the call from my bestie asking if we could just hang at our house.
HUH? With all of the amazing things to do in Florida they wanted to just stay here?
Ended up being the most fun, relaxing weekend of the year!

Scott 3Here are my tips for repurposing your house for a fabulous Housecation.

  1.  Wake up late and give yourself permission to stay in your PJS
  2. Take a family walk around your neighborhood with a cup of coffee.  Say good morning and be a good neighbor.
  3. If your kids ask for a ‘special’ snack. SAY YES! It’s a HOUSEcation! Just relax.
  4. Don’t let yourself get into your normal routine.  Break it by heading out to swim or ride bikes.  Just have FUN.
  5. Order in food from The Thymely Chef and relax from cooking!!
  6. Cuddle up and watch a movie instead of stressing out about nap schedules.  I promise you and your kids will have MORE FUN and make great memories!
  7. YUP when 5 o’clock rolls around grab that cocktail or glass of wine, kick your heels up and watch your kids entertain themselves.  They will feed off your relaxing vibe.  Don’t drink? Go get ice cream!
  8. Scott 1Need to get out of the house? Find old toys or pool floats or fishing poles or balls that you haven’t used in a while and let your kids see you HAVING FUN!
  9. Focus on not being a consumer.  Just enjoy your kids, enjoy your life and celebrate your HOUSEcation!

    No money needs to be spent, no schedule needs to be followed.

Cheers to enjoy our lives more!

Michelle Founder