The care and FEEDING of Moms

The care and FEEDING of Moms

Prep some snacks, so when hunger strikes you have healthy options.
Prep some snacks, so when hunger strikes you have healthy options.

Being a mom means sacrificing a lot for the children we are caring for and raising. We put their needs above our own. As a mom, I don’t mind doing this, I love the sacrifice I can make for my kids, and from that I can see the people they are growing to be.

However… putting them first puts me farther down the list of things that are a priority in life. And sadly for me eating is one of those things. I get so caught up in the cooking and feeding of others that by the time I think about it or feel that I am hungry, I will usually grab a handful of marshmallows and quick glass of water, or just as bad… not eat anything at all, as I tend to the needs of others.

I make eating meals together a priority, but so often I am getting people what they need or they are eating off my plate, that it leaves me feeling a little hungry.

I was noticing that I was getting sluggish, and grumpy. {of course I was!!}

So I made some changes that are super easy and have helped tremendously in my life, and in turn in the lives’ of my kids.

I have started putting together little baggies of snacks that are easy for me to grab as I am running around, or when I sit to feed the baby. {I get the munchies when I feed the baby… do you??}

The little snack baggies have just enough in them to help get me from one meal to the next and I find that keeping them around helps me not raid my baking cabinet for chocolate chips.

It takes a little work to put together but the benefits are worth it!!

Here is what I pack up

*Baby carrots

*Cubes of cheese

*Peeled and sliced cucumbers

*Cut up apples {I have found that Gala, & Honey Crisp work best, they don’t brown as fast}

*Whole Wheat crackers

*Pretzels and Craisens

*Homemade Granola

*Popcorn with coconut oil and salt

*I also found little cups with lids so I will put hummus, peanut butter, or ranch in the little cups.

Having everything precut and pre bagged makes for an easy grab for me. {and for the kids as well}.

What are other things that  you bag up for an easy snack?



Leah is mom to the small Army of 6 she has created with 5 boys and 1 little girl. Her family has moved 15 times from one coast {California} to the other {Florida} with stops in varies places for work, school and play, they are now in the beautiful state of Colorado enjoying the mountains. She was an Army wife for 8 years, and now is a Doctor’s wife as her husband practices Chiropractics. She cooks, cleans, homeschools, reads anything Tudor related, and kisses knees over at Socks & Shoes NOT Required


photo credit: popcorn, banana chips and nuts via photopin (license)