The Big Mom Fail Of The Week

The Big Mom Fail Of The Week

Last night, my daughter came home and told me that I forgot to write notes for the author of the book she created and that she got excluded from a part of class. PUNCH. TO. THE. GUT.  I seriously felt so bad as we did go over the book and talked about the detail she put into it BUT her two year old sister got ahold of it, ruined it, we put it back together and I forgot to put it back in her backpack. Dog ate my homework excuses…you know?!

As the mom guilt settled in, I had to start laughing at ALL of the things I really never actually realized about motherhood.  The real deal part of motherhood.  What we do everyday for ourselves, our kids, our families, our communities is well….incredible really.  I stopped beating myself up and wrote down a few things I have learned along this road.

  1.  I never knew a person could wake up with to much responsibility!  I remember the days pre kids when all that was on my mind upon waking up was what type of Starbucks I wanted on my walk to work.  Today I was woken up by a 2 year old at 4:30 am that was hungry, then went up and woke up her sister, then proceeded to pee in the kitchen.  Did I mention it was not even 5 am yet? (And she climbs out of her crib for you judgy moms so she is in a big girl bed so I cannot keep her asleep longer and as your second question comes, yes I keep her up later, yes I took away the nap…she just needs less sleep than my other 2! #3rdKid)
  2. I had no idea that a calendar could be filled with so much stuff beyond my work and daily responsibilities! T-shirt days, fun runs, theme days, picture days (I forgot 2 out of 3!), construction paper creations, days to bring in snacks, activities and kids BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!!!
  3. How can little humans be so frustrating and so dang cute at the same time?  Who knew before kids you could love something so much that can leave you so exhausted mentally and physically!  More importantly how do kids know exactly the look, the smile, the peek around the corner that just makes you want to laugh when you are at the end of your rope?!
  4. I never knew what multi-tasking was before having kids!  I laugh at my 20 something old self working as a strong single woman thinking I had any tough days! LOL!  Dressing 3 littles, making breakfast for everyone, back packs ready, hair done, shoes on the right feet (80% of the time), lunches ready, school bus arrival and school drop offs….all before 8 am.  Then onto working multiple jobs during the day. Then driving to extra curricular activities, laundry, cooking, cleaning, bath time, reading, homework…all before 8 pm!!! Being a mom would be worth of a million dollar payout IF we got paid. But hey those hugs at the end of the night are priceless.
  5. I never knew friendship in motherhood is like dating.  I thought when I got married I was done dating…but finding mom friends IS dating all over again! Do you have similar schedules? Are your philosophies similar? Do your kids get along? Do you like the same type of activities? After the third kid really my only question is are you nice? Okay, let’s be friends.
  6. Adding kids to a marriage is like treading quicksand.  It takes some serious WORK to keep that magic, that fun, that excitement and effort NOT TALKING ONLY ABOUT YOUR KIDS!  Very, very thankful to our family therapists and sex therapists on shows for endless insight into simple things that keep a marriage thriving AFTER having kids!
  7. I never knew how awesome motherhood would be.  I actually never wanted kids.  Then I was told by an OB/GYN I may never have kids and in a blink of an eye I was given perspective like never before.  Sure like any mom I get tired, or frustrated with a highly energetic 2 year old, I question my sanity to sit through my older daughter learning to read and wonder if it is worth it to sit through hours and hours of gymnastics, tennis, golf, soccer practices.  But then I hear their giggles.  I feel their sweet hugs. I hear their little feet running towards my room.  I see their pride over mastering math or learning their colors and my heart soars.  One day I am really going to miss all of it. Possibly even the endless and I mean endless piles of laundry.So I stopped beating myself up that the dog- errr I mean our 2 year old ate the homework.  I am doing my best and I never knew that motherhood might just be the hardest and best thing I will ever do in life.  But they are worth every second.

Cheers to all of the imperfect moms working hard every day to raise little humans.
Superhero stuff in my book.
Would love to hear your favorite moment that makes your heart happy in motherhood!


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