The Best Way to Help A Baby Through Teething

The Best Way to Help A Baby Through Teething

This blog is dedicated to those mommies that are getting pressure from friends and family to stop breastfeeding or who are under scrutiny for their decision to breastfeed. I was adopted, and my adoptive mother formula fed my brother and sister, so I really had no guidance in my life regarding breastfeeding. Was breastfeeding easy for me? Heck no! But one thing I learned on my own: for me personally the best natural solution I have found to help my baby girl through teething is breastfeeding.


Over the last two weeks she has cut five teeth and my normally happy girl has been extremely miserable. Nobody really knows how bad the pain of teething is but, my heart hurts when I see her red inflamed gums and hear the pain she is experiencing. If you have a baby who is a good teether, you are one lucky mama!  Last night, her teething pain hit an all time high at the worst possible time.

My husband and I had an adults’ only birthday party that we had looked forward to for weeks. An hour and a half in to the party, my mother in law text saying Anjali was definitely not herself and that she would not go to sleep. I left her the frozen wash clothes, the teething toys, the amber necklace, the Hylands teething tablets, but nothing was helping. I gave the birthday girl a hug and begged my husband to take me home as fast as possible.

Once home, I quickly stripped once again out of my dress, and snuggled in the rocker to nurse. Anjali’s cries of pain quieted and I breathed a sigh of relief. As I looked over her exhausted, sleeping body, I thought of all of the people who didn’t understand why I breastfed past a year or why I didn’t cut out the night feedings and on and on and on. The truth is my innate mom instinct knows that for Anjali it is just not time to stop breastfeeding yet and I love the benefits like a boosted immune system and perfect balance of nutrients for my baby. I honestly have no idea how I would calm her without nursing and tonight I am forever grateful to comfort her in this way during the teething process. It’s natural and it’s free…what could be better than that?

Ready? Set? Go!
What are some other methods you guys use to help soothe a teething baby? As always I am open to learning from all of you amazing moms!