The Best Snack To Keep Your Energy High

Let me start this blog by telling you upfront… Mornings and I are not friends. The day starts at 5:45 am when Anjali wakes up ready to go for the day. I cringe and hand her a Happy Family food packet while she plays in bed next to me.

During the day, I am usually running from playgroup to playgroup, jetting into the office, and then spending my time doing a variety of activities with Anjali in between cooking and cleaning.  By the time my husband gets home at 7pm, his dinner is in the oven on warm and I am exhausted but it’s on to bath and bed time for Anjali.

Finally when the house is quiet, the last load of laundry is in the dryer and the kitchen is clean, I realize I am hungry. But needless to say I have absolutely no urge to cook. Does this sound like your day?


I wanted to pass on this easy recipe that gives me a great energy boost.  These lasts for a few days to take on the go with you or to eat in the wee hours of night when you get a minute to grab a bite of food!

Combine any type of nuts you like with raisins, coconut, ¼ Tsp. pink Himalayan sea salt and add honey or agave. Dump it all in the food processor, pulse to desired texture and then roll them into little balls. Pop them in the fridge for an hour and voila…healthy energy on the go!   I call them Power Balls because Lord knows moms have super powers.

Ready? Set? Go!

What’s your favorite snack to keep your energy high?