The Best Of Beauty, Relaxation and Fun Fall Spa Treatments…Pure Bliss

As I get ready to welcome my next baby girl into the world in 2 weeks, I realize that once again our life is going to transform in a big way.

IMG_1712I feel so grateful to be a mom, but the truth is motherhood is definitely the hardest thing I have ever done. I went from working in an achievement driven, dog eat dog sports career to a world filled with breastfeeding, experiencing a zombie like sleep deprived existence and somehow I lost the feminine part of myself-all the while doing the most feminine thing known to humanity…becoming a mother!

Don’t confuse my honest admission with complaining. Every single day I give thanks for my daughter. I relish her sweet smile, her little hands and her sweet hugs. And when I feel my baby-to-be kick in my belly, I can’t wait to meet her. But that doesn’t change the fact that I also enjoy the chance to step away to reboot and recharge when I can.

Belly Love SpaI feel grateful to experience the amazing services that Belly Love Spa has to offer as they specifically cater to mothers and women. Their natural products, their team that is trained to meet for our needs as women, and their beautiful spa atmosphere is like stepping into a cloud of euphoria.  Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with fall and all things pumpkin and I am loving their fall specials and services!

I am not getting paid to endorse Belly Love Spa, I pay for all of my services there, so please understand I am just sharing this gem of a spa with you my fellow moms because it is a wonderful place to recharge! I am on a mission to Make Motherhood Easier and Belly Love Spa definitely has moms in mind with their wonderful services!

I sit here tonight, with my back aching, my belly growing larger and my head spinning with exhaustion. There is something very important in motherhood to making sure that we take care of ourselves to take care of our families.   Belly Love Spa is that place that is completely centered on helping women to relax through high quality spa services at an affordable price with top notch therapists. I can’t wait to book my appointment right before my due date to make sure I am completely relaxed for the big event!