The Best Last Minute Christmas Gifts


Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year!  If you are like me and have a few final gifts to get, let’s STOP FEELING GUILTY!  

I have come up with some fantastic last minute gift ideas!
No running to the mall, no spending tons of money as a last ditch gift effort, no guessing if they are good gifts.

8b59d0ea57fd845e0d84e6d7a28e68fdThese are gifts that show THOUGHTFULNESS and they are EASY! Make sure to mention for specials!

  • A NIGHT OFF OF COOKING! Get dinner delivered by Chef Nicole! Give your loved one a gift certificate to The Thymely Chef so they can use it when she needs it!
  • BEST RELAXATION FACIAL at Zenerations of Boca! It is truly an oasis of relaxation. Every woman deserves to experience this oasis that specializes in caring for moms!
  • Couples massageCOUPLES MASSAGE IN YOUR HOME! That’s right CustomSpa truly understands that sometimes all we want to do is RELAX in the comfort of our own home. **This gift also includes a massage for YOU! No brainer!
  • DESTRESS WITH ESSENTIAL OILS are an amazing gift to give as they provide relaxation, health and rejuvenation. They are truly the perfect stocking stuffer or add on gift! Contact oils expert Dawn at 908.910.2819 or!
  • 12115472_883600478392414_4081823005697253690_nORGANIC SPRAY TAN by Sunkissed Mobile Spray Tan is the perfect gift providing easy beauty for the holidays.  Busy moms love quick beauty like Sunkissed Spray Tan and it is owned by a mom so she CONVENIENTLY COMES TO YOUR HOME!
  • BABY BOUTIQUE GIFTS that are non toxic, and unique!  These amazing items at Stinkin Cute online store will be truly appreciated!
  • FOR HIM:  THE GIFT OF REJUVENATING FOR A GREAT 2016The Salt Box in Parkland has the most amazing getaway to relax, boost the immune system and take it from me, my hubby loves it there to rejuvenate!

UnknownHappy Holidays from Our Family To Yours!