How Do I Teach My Child To Be Grateful This Thanksgiving?

How Do I Teach My Child To Be Grateful This Thanksgiving?


It is often a forgotten value in families today.
Yet, studies have shown that the people that are happiest with their lives are the most grateful.  I believe in today’s consumer driven world it is vital to teach our kids to be grateful for the simple, small things in life. Thanksgiving is the perfect time!

As parents how can we teach gratitude this Thanksgiving?

1.  Our kids are sponges. They are watching everything we do! We can be great role models for them.  For example, I love that recently my husband started thanking me for cooking dinner each night in front of the kids.  Now my toddler has caught on to the gratitude and values our healthy meals!

2.  At night I always ask my toddler what she is grateful for.  It started by being grateful for Princess Sofia.  Now, as the tradition has grown over time, she gives thanks for her relatives, teachers, and truly thinks about her blessings.

3.  Reading with our kids and using teaching resources, such as Donnie Learns How To Be Grateful. It is easy for kids to relate to the story AND it is also a coloring book for them!

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Wishing all of our amazing moms a Happy Thanksgiving filled with love, joy and laughter!
Michelle CEO/Founder

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