Sun Safe Tips For Families

Sun Safe Tips For Families

We think we are keeping our kids and ourselves safe from the sun, but we often are not protecting our family enough!

On our most recent ihelpmoms TV episode on Facebook we discussed these keys to safe sun protection:

1.  Rash guards are NOT enough! Renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tamy Faierman and mom of 5, gave us insight on this important tip!

2.  Check out your sunscreen’s effectiveness on the app Think Dirty Shop Clean

3.  The sun has massive exposure from 9 am to 5 pm!!! Make sure hats and glasses are ON!

4.  Have your outdoor/park/beach bag packed so that you are always prepared on the go!

5.  Dr. Faierman is a huge fan of Naturopathica products so make sure that you check them out as they are literally lifesavers!

Let us know some of your families sun safe tips! 

We are all about making motherhood easier, healthier and happier!

Michelle – CEO/Founder

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