5 Tips To Successful Travel With Kids

5 Tips To Successful Travel With Kids

So, this past week we flew with three kids ages 4 and under to Colorado marking our first flight as a family of 5.  I would love to hide behind great Facebook photos, but as The Honest Mom, I know the truth must come out.  Our kids laughed, our kids cried, I changed a diaper on the seat as one of the bathrooms was out of order on the plane, I wore my K’tan to walk the baby to sleep up and down the aisle, and we had two pack n plays going during our stay!  It was crazy and fun.

Here are our top 5 tips to make air traveling with littles easier along with our favorite Mom Blog Team articles on summer travel with kids!

  1.  Pack Snacks.  Alot of them them!  Keep them flowing.  Distraction is a beautiful thing.
  2. ipads downloaded with NEW movies or shows, window clings, stickers are all good activities!  Our first flight did not have televisions for 4.5 hours!
  3. City Select Stroller was an absolute lifesaver as we had to walk from a huge parking garage all the way to a super long check in line at 5:25 am in the morning, so all of the kids could still be sleepy in this massive stroller.  We had 3 suitcases, two car seats and we somehow survived being sherpas!
  4. Pack snacks for yourself somewhere accessible!  I finally got the baby to sleep and gingerly sat down, then realized I should have put my snack in an easy to reach snack bag as I was starving!  Because I can tell you being a HANGRY mom is no good:)
  5. Fit & Fresh Snack Packs

    Don’t stress.  Pack in advance, print your boarding passes, have everything organized as the more you stress, the more your kids will feel stressed.  Babies cry, kids cry, kids scream with joy, babies babble.  It’s okay.  Anyone with a heart and soul will understand traveling with kids is not easy!

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