Summer Travel Checklist Must Have Item

Summer Travel Checklist Must Have Item

My husband left last week to fly to San Francisco and on the way out the door over his shoulder, he let me know that our life insurance had all been updated and that he filed it in the office.  The door shut behind him and In my female brain I instantly thought oh my God, please let nothing happen to him, as I held the hands of both of our little girls.

I took some time after this however to contact one of the leading Kid Protection and Will Planning Experts in South Florida to find out how parents can ensure their kids are properly taken care of as we head into these busy summer travel months should an emergency arise.

From Elise Rodriguez, P.A. and Founder of The Law Office of Elise Rodriguez:

“If something happens to you, what happens to me?”

If something happens to you and your spouse, who will be your children’s primary or back-up guardian? Who will manage your children’s inherited assets, what would those assets be used for, and how will your children receive them? Most importantly, what kind of VALUES would you want your children to inherit?

If you don’t make these decisions during your life, someone else will make them for you when you’re no longer around. Your children could end up in the hands of someone you wouldn’t have chosen. What’s worse, they could end leading a life without your indispensable guidance. Most Moms don’t know that planning for their “estate” is not just about finances. It’s also about passing on your whole “Family Wealth,” which includes intangible gifts, such as your values, insights, stories, and experiences. ALL parents need to plan for life’s “what if’s”-

so it’s important to work with an attorney who takes a holistic approach to planning rather than a “document-selling” type of practice (a simple Will is not enough!).

A comprehensive estate plan makes for a secure and meaningful future for your family. Estate Planning is NOT just about documents & death- it’s about parenting, and making sure your children are ready for LIFE!

ALL moms get a complimentary consultation
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