Summer Strategies To Beat Boredom

Summer Strategies To Beat Boredom

1. Moms Summer Mindset

There is a very subtle difference in mindset when you first start thinking about your summer vacation.

One is:
This summer is gonna be awesome. No matter what happens.
Oh boy, this summer is gonna be hard, let me try and figure out how to make it good.

That tiny difference in degrees is just like the difference in degrees when 2 planes takes off from the same place. One lands in New York and the other in Miami.
Check your mindset. Start from a general place first. Focus on the feeling. Do you want a peaceful summer, excitement, adventure?

2. More And Bigger Is Not Always Better
Once you’ve set the GPS for a good summer, you can let yourself and the kids have a few scheduled activities that feel good. 
When you are relaxed your kids pick up on that.  Sometimes doing the BIG things like Disney, Museums and Zoos can seem like a great idea, but it can cause stress, anxiety and leave the family feeling overwhelmed.  Know your kids, make sure if you need a mothers helper or family member to come with you on the big excursions that you ask for it.  If you are stressed and uncomfortable, there’s a good chance your day will have more hiccups.  Think about what YOU enjoy doing and what your kids enjoy doing.  Go do that! Win Win situations will always be more fun for everyone!

3. Let your kids BE and DO instead of pushing your own vision.
When you are happy and doing your own thing, it’s easier to let those around you be happy and do their thing. Try not to micromanage. This past week, I had an idea of how to get the kids with different ages to interact, but when we got there, the dynamics took a life of it’s own. And it was GOOD!

Listen.  It is really that simple.  If the kids are starting to feel stir crazy, I started to feel myself getting overwhelmed, but I chose the path of least resistance and then just ask them…”what do you want to do this afternoon”? Yesterday one of my kids wanted to do the park, the other one something with water so I suggested we go to the park and then when we get back we could cool off with the water table.  Sometimes the answer is that they just want to stay home and watch movie.  And even if I wanted to go to the park, I LISTEN to what they want to do and we pull out the popcorn. 

4. Beating Boredom 
*The sweet spot is mastering the dance between what you want and what your family wants.

*Listen to yourself first

*Pre Buy or Pre Set Out Summer activities and crafts

*Think About Easy Playdates

*Pre pack snacks 

*Plan to be around families you enjoy being around and that are easy!

It’s not about how much stuff you are doing.
Your feelings around the activity are way more important. Prep yourself for a good summer by talking with your family and friends about all the little things your love about summer, a little gratitude goes a long way.

These strategies have changed our lives and we hope they help you too!

On A Mission To Make Motherhood Easier,

Michelle CEO/Founder

Marcela Topf, Mommy and Child Therapist

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