Summer Slim Down Tips

Summer Slim Down Tips

Following our Ask The Experts segment covering our get slim summer tips our moms were requesting WHAT TO EAT!
Here is what Mary Kate Murphy, CEO at Healthy & Active Mommies recommends from our interview:

There Are 3 Types Of Foods (your macros.) You have your lean proteins, you have your healthy fats, and then you have complex carbs. 

Mary Kate Murphy CEO of Healthy & Active Mommies


  • Egg Whites
  • Grass-Fed Whey Protein (in a shake form), have at least 2 a day
  • Skinless Chicken Breast?
  • Ground Turkey ?
  • Salmon (excellent healthy fat too!)
  • Turkey deli meat (organic only!)
  • Tuna (in water), mixed with Greek yogurt and some salt and pepper 
  • Baked Cod
  • Whey protein meal bars
  • Cottage cheese (for protein and a healthy fat)


  • Avocado 
  • Almonds
  • Almond butter (all of your nut butters fall in this category)
  • Cashews 
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts 
  • Pistachios
  •  Fish (some fish fall in this category, because they contain a lot of omegas, like salmon, tuna, and tilapia)
  • Coconut and Coconut Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (what I cook with!)


  • All of your vegetables fall in this category. 
  • Fruits. ?

Beans – My favorite are garbanzo&black bean

Sprouted breads (not your bleached breads), which means they are made of actual living organisms. You keep them refrigerated.  I love sprouted bread, like Ezekiel bread is a good example. ?

  • Hummus 

Brown Rice

Couscous – make it at least once a week 


  • Oatmeal

You’ll find that your body’s going to feel amazing when you start eating these types of foods. Keep it simple in the beginning.  Stick to this list, find which ones work for you and which ones that you like the most.

If you want to personalize your meal planning to shed the weight make sure to contact Mary Kate HERE

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